Roei Simhi Director, Fahn Kanne Control Management Ltd. Tel-Aviv +972-3-7106555


Roei Simhi, CPA, is a director in the firm, he is the manager  of the payroll control dapartment.

Areas of expertise

Experience in a variety of public companies, government companies, companies abroad, not-for-profit organizations, etc.

As part of his work, Roei renders services to a range of companies, such as: holding companies, real estate, hi-tech, financial services, manufacturing, manpower, investment, etc.

Roei has amassed extensive experience in managing payroll control projects for a large number of companies, as follows:

•    Performance of ongoing payroll audits and monitoring implementation of recommendations.

•    Confirming that payrolls are in line with salary agreements.

•    Performance of in-depth audits on specific payroll-related issues.

•    Designing payroll-related control frameworks.

•    Identifying gaps in the payroll framework.

•    Designing smart control reports for purposes of identifying deviances in the payroll process.

•    Performance of payroll controls in accordance with the Law for the Enhancement of Enforcement of Labor Laws

In addition, Roei services as a payroll consultant for a number of clients of the firm.


2018: Director

2015: Senior payroll controller

2012: CPA (Isr.) license

2011: Supplementary year of studies in accounting, Rishon LeZion College of Management

2007 – 2010: B.A. in business administration, major in accounting