Our team advises on quantum and other accounting or financial issues in commercial disputes, including acting as expert witness in litigation and arbitration.

We will support you at each stage of your dispute, bringing together technical and sector specialists across different jurisdictions if required, including financial services, energy, construction and technology. We are able to undertake contentious valuations and assess damages in loss of profit claims, including competition damages.

Early-stage advice: parties can often be more focused on liability in the early stages of a dispute, but an early analysis of the likely value of a claim can help you to resolve a potential dispute more efficiently. We will advise on evidence required to support the quantum of the claim or to defend against the approach taken by the other party. This analysis can help you to make informed choices at the outset as to how best to approach the dispute.

Consulting expert: we can advise on the quality of evidence supporting the quantum of loss all stages of proceedings and the impact of any new evidence arising. We can act as a 'shadow expert' if you require a party adviser to avoid compromising the independence of your appointed expert, especially where the independent expert is a single joint appointment.

Expert witness: we act as independent expert witness on quantum of loss and valuations including cases of alleged fraud, breach of contract or breach of warranty, negligence, shareholder disputes, intellectual property disputes, competition matters and insurance claims. Our experts have given evidence and been cross-examined in hundreds of claims, appearing in all levels of courts, arbitrations including investor-state and regulatory tribunals.

Complex valuations: you may need to value businesses or assets in support of your claim or defence. Our contentious valuation specialists have expertise in valuing complex classes of assets, including financial products, and intangible assets such as famous brands.

Our disputes services include:

Should you require it, we can introduce you to litigation funders and provide advice to help you secure funding. Our  team, use insolvency powers to enforce judgments and recover assets for claimants. This can be considered prior to litigation or arbitration to provide a clear line of sight and plan for recoverability if this is in doubt.

Dispute advisory

Accounting integrity and conduct

Accounting integrity and conduct


Arbitration has become the principal dispute resolution method for the determination of complex commercial disputes.

Contentious valuations

Valuations are often complex and sensitive to industry drivers, global considerations and individual companies’ processes and reporting requirements.

Expert determination

Our skilled expert determination specialists are highly sought after for resolution of private and confidential disputes.

Expert opinions

Our firm specializes in preparing expert opinions in the fields of accounting, economics, finance and banking for use in litigation and bridging proceedings.

Litigation support

Our in-depth understanding of the industry, and our sensitivity to conflicts make us the ideal choice for law firms and lawyers looking for unrivalled levels of service.

Matrimonial services

With Grant Thornton, you can be confident of getting advice from some of the most qualified and experienced professionals in the field of matrimonial financial matters.

Sale and Purchase Agreement advisory

Sale and Purchase Agreement advisory

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