Accompanying your company from the initial phase of the strategic planning of the project through its execution in the field

Good Vision, of the Fahn Kanne Grant Thornton Israel Group, is Israel's leading consulting firm for the planning and managing of corporate governance processes in businesses. The firm has extensive accumulated experience and the capabilities to carry out integrative and holistic assessments of the organization, in all areas of corporate governance and the interfaces between them.

Our team is comprised of internal and third-party consultants with multidisciplinary experience, who share a common aspiration to achieve tangible and applicable results of creating added value for clients, with an emphasis on theTBL (Triple Bottom Line), with uncompromising adherence to professionalism and service.

Our Services:

  • Ethics – drafting and implementing a code of ethics.
  • Corporate governance – advising the Company's board of directors and secretariat.
  • Environment – conducting an environmental assessment according to the GHG protocol and building an environmental responsibility plan to implement the principles of a 'green society'.
  • Community – planning community policy and executing a flagship project accompanied by employee volunteerism.
  • Stakeholder Dialogue – Conducting a stakeholder dialogue in accordance with the AA1000SES Standard.
  • Reporting and channeling – drafting an environmental social governance report (ESG) and performing an assurance process, external and internal communication.

Our mission is to lead our clients in the local and international markets to conduct comprehensive and responsible corporate responsibility, in a manner that is consistent with the Company's business objectives.

We are focused on clients and their needs and strive to make advanced knowledge and solutions accessible from all over the world. We are committed to a professional, proactive, attentive and ongoing relationship with our clients.