Accompaniment by the firm from the initial strategic planning stage through the actual performance of the project in the field.

Fahn Kanne has expanded its activity in the field of corporate social responsibility by entering into a cooperative business and strategic arrangement with "Good Vision", Israel's leading consulting firm in the area of planning and management of corporate social responsibility processes in businesses. The company has extensive experience and the capability to perform integrated and holistic assessments regarding a range of corporate social responsibility areas and the interfaces connecting them.

The staff consists of internal and external consultants, with multi-disciplinary experience, who together strive to achieve tangible and implementable results in generating added value for their clients, all the while ensuring that the services they provide meet high professional standards.

Corporate social responsibility services:

  • Ethics – Drafting and implementing a code of ethics
  • Corporate governance – Consulting for the board of directors and for the secretariat of the company
  • Environment – Performance of an environmental survey pursuant to GHGG protocols and compilation of an environmental responsibility program to implement "green company" principles
  • Community – Planning communal policy and performance of a flagship project that is accompanied by employee volunteerism
  • Stakeholder dialogue – management of stakeholder dialogues pursuant to standard AA1000SESS
  • Reports and communication – Drafting corporate social responsibility reports and carrying out a due diligence on internal and external communications