About us

Risks are inevitable, but that does not mean that they cannot be properly managed. The field of Control Services, requiring objectivity and special expertise, has in recent years become the business norm in Israel and around the world. Fahn Kanne Control Management is a subsidiary of Fahn Kanne &Co. CPAs (Isr.), the sixth largest accounting firm in Israel.

Fahn Kanne Control Management is Israel’s largest and leading provider of internal auditing services. The firm has more than 25 years of experience in rendering internal and forensic auditing services. Over the years, we have amassed expertise in providing our services to a broad variety of organizations, such as: publicly traded companies listed on Israeli and global capital markets, large private companies, state institutions, not-for-profit organizations, multinational corporations, etc.

Our staff

Fahn Kanne Control Management employees a staff of more than 80 dedicated professional with multidiscipline expertise, including: internal auditors, information systems auditors, accountants, economists, forensic auditors and systems analysts. Our senior staff members are well known in Israel as experts in their fields and they hold leading international professional credentials (CIAA, CISA, CFE). In addition to their professional work, they are also lecturers in professional and academic venues and they have extensively published in the professional literature and media.

The scope of our work and the know-how that we have attained allow us to provide special expertise to our clients of the highest quality possible, an achievement that can only be found at a large sized firm. Our work methods guarantee personal service and senior management involvement in all of the projects we undertake.

Control services and risk management

We assist dynamic organizations in their quest to contend with their operational challenges, and with the recurring risks and opportunities that arise in a competitive environment. Among other problems, organizations around the globe find themselves with a myriad of challenges as a result of conflicts, arguments, disagreements, fraud and embezzlements. In addition, the increase in the quantity of information currently held and managed by organizations and the threats resulting from the transition to online activities generate a wealth of challenges.

In a world in which litigation is on the rise and the regulatory environment demands more transparency and assumption of greater responsibility, we will assist you in managing a solving these challenges. We assist you inter alia in meeting your regulatory obligations, in understanding and managing the risks you face and in advising you in the implementation of control and compliance mechanisms.

Our services will help you in attaining the operational goals of your organization, will separate you from the competition and will strengthen your growth potential.

The services include:

Our added value

Our work methods and approach are based on our work know-how and experience amassed over the years in our working with a broad variety of companies and an in-depth understanding of many operating sectors in Israel and around the world. Our firm integrates high-level professional capabilities, a systemic approach and a commitment to render quality services.

As the Israeli-member firm of Grant Thornton International, we are deeply committed to compliance with high-level international standards and we offer:

  • The personal touch, with a very high level of senior management involvement in all of our projects
  • Consistent and uniform service in all global locations
  • Compliance with international standards of the highest quality
  • Ability to contend with issues requiring country-specific expertise (local customs, legislation, etc.) by partnering with staff members of local members of the Grant Thornton International network.
Fahn Kanne Control Management Ltd.

Israel's largest and leading provider of control services