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Our valuation team has extensive knowledge, international reach and technical expertise to help organizations measure value and make better, more informed decisions. In tandem with our financial modeling team, we work together to collaborate with over 700 valuation specialists in 60 countries.

Are you involved in a transaction, dispute or re-structuring your business?

  • The value of your business and its assets will be a critical commercial consideration.

Is litigation a possibility?

  • A professional valuation is often key in securing a fair settlement. Expert opinions are an inherent part of our offering.

Are you issuing shares?

  • A valuation provided by our dedicated tax valuers are often the key to minimizing up-front income tax charges.

Do you have financial reporting requirements?

  • A professional valuation can be essential to ensuring a robust balance sheet.

Shlomi Bartov

Partner, CEO of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.

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