Our cooperative approach facilitates the creation of dynamic teams with financial, operational and commercial experience.

Our approach is based on the identification of opportunities and threats, with a goal of maximizing value versus the cost of the transaction. Our professional staff generates this value by making practical suggestions, not by verifying what is already known.

Our international capabilities and experience

We will assist you through all phases of the transaction to achieve the most optimal result in executing the transactions and for the long-term as well.

Our firm has the capability to perform due diligence projects that include consulting, guidance, and accompaniment of Israeli companies, investors, and entrepreneurs operating abroad, as well as consulting and assistance to foreign entrepreneurs interested in investing or operating in Israel. This is accomplished through our ongoing working relationships with firms that are members of Grant Thornton International all across the globe.

The professional staff of the firm includes veteran accountants and economists with extensive experience of dozens of years in accompanying investment transactions and in conducting due diligence processes. The members of our team have expertise in carrying out comprehensive examinations including, among other things, examining business goodwill and financial fortitude of potential partners, customers and vendors of the business undergoing examination, as well as examining the infrastructure needed to ensure the success of business activity in a variety of industries.

Shlomi Bartov
Partner, CEO of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.
Shlomi Bartov