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Fahn Kanne & Co. is one of Israel’s leading CPA firms, ranked among the largest six in the country. The firm is large from the standpoint of its ability to provide high quality professional services in a wide variety of disciplines, but it is not too sizeable so its able to provide those services with a personal touch.

The firm consists of partners and managers with rich experience in both the practical aspects of the profession and in the academic world, and is serviced by a staff of about 400 employees. The service rendered to the clients of the firm is based on an in-depth knowledge of the client’s business and the environment in which they operate.

The firm accompanies publicly traded companies on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and foreign exchanges, as well as multinationals, private companies, local authorities, government ministries and not-for-profit organizations. The firm handles IPOs of companies on different stock exchanges and is well-known and respected by underwriters, authorities and institutional entities. Control services activities are carried out by subsidiary, Fahn Kanne Control Management Ltd. and consulting activities are handled by another subsidiary, Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd. These firms constitute the Israeli arm of Grant Thornton’s Advisory Services (AS).

The firm has branches in Jerusalem, Haifa,  Hagoshrim, Rosh Pina, Beer Sheva, Eilat, and Midreshet Ben Gurion.

International Relations

Fahn Kanne is a member of the Grant Thornton  Global Network, which brings together accounting firms worldwide, which provide independent auditing, tax and consulting services in the fields of control, economics and other sin over 149 countries around the world along with 73,000 Grant Thornton personnel. Our firm's strong connection with the global network assists our multinational clients with broad professional guidance in expanding their global operations.

Professional Services

Auditing and Accounting - Financial statements are an important management tool that contributes to the ability to analyze and evaluate the performance of the organization, both in the operational and financial spheres. The firm operates according to this approach and combines international capabilities, a broad business vision and high involvement of the partner handling the client. The department has staff members with professional knowhow and expertise who provide services in the field of Israeli accounting standards, international standards (IFRS) and US GAAP. The firm accompanies the issuance of companies on stock exchanges in Israel and around the world and is recognized and highly valued by underwriters, authorities and institutional entities.

Control and Risk Management – These services are provided by Fahn Kanne Control Management, which specializes in control and risk management services. The company has a team of over 80 professionals in the fields of control and has developed a variety of services tailored to the needs of its clients. The company's services include: internal auditing, with special expertise in high-tech companies, real estate and companies operating abroad; SOX applications; risk assessments; payroll control and financial control; occupational health and safety; services in the field of information systems including information security services, information leakage, DRP, consulting and selection of information systems strategy, project management and systems development, etc.; discovery forensic auditing, which includes conducting accounting investigations, and preventive forensic auditing, which includes mapping fraud and embezzlement risks.

Economic and business consulting – These services are provided byFahn Kanne Consultants. The company is engaged in economic, accounting and business consulting services, including valuations, determination of fair value for accounting reporting purposes, transaction advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, court opinions, business risk management, the government sector, infrastructure and project financing, and betterment and rehabilitation of companies. In addition, the company specializes in finance, banking and insurance and has special expertise in the debt market and in the compilation and operation of models in the field of revaluation of financial instruments.

Taxes – The Tax Department provides comprehensive consulting services in all areas of taxation: Israeli and international taxation, transfer pricing, taxation of trusts, indirect taxes, U.S. taxation, individual taxation and incentives for capital investments. The department has extensive experience in handling complex tax issues and in accompanying transactions and investment activities in Israel and abroad.

Incentives - specializes in financing companies from state incentives: the Innovation Authority, the European Union, bi-national funds, etc. The department's services include, inter alia, compiling an optimal financing strategy, drafting and reviewing applications. Experience in working with companies at various stages of development and in many fields such as software, medical equipment, printing, cyber, energy, water, management and control systems, etc.

Management and Supervision of Trusts – The department's services include, inter alia, accompaniment and supervision of money transfers and allocation, various trust services and management of employee benefit plans. The department's staff has accumulated extensive knowhow in the field of trusts and supervision, including in-depth familiarity with the legal requirements that apply in this field in Israel and around the world.

Corporate Responsibility - Good Vision, of the Fahn Kanne Group, provides all the support services in corporate responsibility, corporate governance, ethics, sustainability, environment and community relations with special expertise in drafting corporate responsibility and assurance reports and extensive experience in preparing codes and ethics programs.


The high-tech and life sciences industry – specializing in accompanying companies in the stages of establishment or growth in the fields of biotechnology, biomed, cleantech, internet, information systems, etc. In addition, the firm specializes in accompanying private placements and public offerings in Israel and abroad.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry – The department offers a solution for blockchain technology services, from the strategic concept and design to the production and implementation of components on the platform. Our experts help our clients to fully integrate the technology into the organization, thereby facilitating and streamlining the adoption and assimilation processes.

Real Estate Industry – Our firm has many years of experience working with public and private construction and real estate companies in Israel and abroad and a deep understanding of the unique needs of this industry, with in-depth knowledge of the nature of the company and the individual client.

The non-profit industry – The department provides guidance tailored to the complex challenges faced by non-profit organizations. The department's staff consists of employees who specialize in the non-profit industry, including accountants and economists with extensive experience and reputation.

 The Diamond Industry - Our firm has more than 60 years of experience in the industry and we serve as the accountants of more than 100 diamond companies. Among the services we provide are: auditing, taxation, business consulting and accompaniment, economic services, bookkeeping, payroll controllership, labor laws, etc.