We offer a comprehensive solution in blockchain technology services

starting strategic concept and design for the production and implementation of components on the platform. Our experts assist our clients to fully integrate the technology into the organization, thereby facilitating and streamlining the adoption and assimilation processes.


What is Blockchain technology?

In fact, it is a living book that records the transactions of a 'token' – in this case, the Bitcoin coin – arranged in groups of data called 'blocks' that use cryptographic authentication to link themselves to each other. Simply put, each data block refers to and identifies the previous block using the hash function, forming an unbroken chain, hence the name.


This approach to data recording boasts a significant advantage over traditional ledger and databases. In that each data block verifies its direct predecessor, the ever-lengthening count is continuous and constant: transactions that have already been recorded cannot be corrected, disguised, or deleted. Any attempt to do this will break the cryptographic chain and will be immediately marked for all participants.


In principle, a Blockchain ledger is a change-protected database with built-in authentication.


For more information on the topic: distribution of block barriers,blockchain networks, smart contracts, currency types and coin mining and the use of energy in PDF format click here.


Our Services

Formation of an accounting strategy - completeness in the accounting declarations and the logic of the operations performed in the e-wallet of companies.

Technical analysis of smart contracts.

Technical analysis of smart contract code in ICO issuance activity (Initial coin offering).

Formation of the concept of saving and protecting the company's currencies.

Annual cash flow planning based on currency fluctuations.

Accompanying financing transactions / assets carried out with the help of electronic currencies.

Drawing up reports on the impact of currency in various industries.

All aspects of taxation.

Development and implementation - starting with identifying the most suitable business model for our clients. We analyze, evaluate and validate usage from accounting and technological perspectives.

Training the organization's finance department: We conduct training and accompany the organization's finance departments on how to record actions that can be reported to the authorities.

A dedicated platform of the international network (GTchain) for the development of blockchain applications.

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Webinar on: Blockchain - Reporting, Regulation, Control and Taxation

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