Assistance and consulting on solving accounting problems

In their ongoing work, the audit teams are assisted when necessary by the technical department of our firm. The department renders professional consultancy and provides solutions to professional issues that arise in connection with the handling of the companies audited by our firm.

The areas of expertise of the department include, among other things: International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), accounting principles generally accepted in Israel, U.S. GAAP, laws and regulations of the Israel Security Authority and the SEC. In addition, it has expertise on Israeli, international and U.S. auditing standards.

In addition, as part of its duties, the technical department regularly monitors the publication of new accounting standards, professional developments and legal and reporting requirements and regularly updates the rest of the employees of the firm and our clients through continuing professional education seminars, professional circulars and newsletters.

Consulting and accompaniment of issuances on the stock markets in Israel and around the world

When a company decides to conduct an IPO, whether in Israel or abroad, our firm, as the independent auditors of the company, plays an important and valuable role in the issuance process.

We do our best to contribute our know-how and experience to the success of the issuance, accompanying and consulting on a regular basis, including assistance with communications with the underwriters, the authorities and the regulators.

In addition, as the Israeli member firm of Grant Thornton International, when the issuance is executed on a foreign exchange, our consultancy includes the involvement of the relevant technical people at the Grant Thornton member firm in the country in which the issuance takes place.

Financial statement presentation in accordance with foreign reporting principles

The audit teams of our firm integrate international know-how and experience with local prospective. Our firm has experience performing audits of financial statements based on accounting principles generally accepted in Israel, IFRS, as well as based on US GAAP.

Accounting due diligence

This examination combines accounting and financial examinations with a local and global business vision, in order to evaluate all of the risks inherent in the transaction.

The examination assists in compiling the data and information needed in the decision making process in respect of the acquisition of shares of a company or in the purchase of operations. In addition, the examination constitutes an important part of the considerations of the investor and the underwriter involved in the transaction.