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Individual taxation

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Individual taxation – deductions, bookkeeping and not for profit

Areas of expertise:

Individual taxation and bookkeeping services

We render a range of services in the field of individual taxation for individuals and bookkeeping services for companies and individuals, including the following tax issues:

  • Consulting on Israeli tax issues, direct and indirect, to a broad range of companies, not-for-profit organizations and individuals
  • Preparation of personal income tax returns for individuals and capital declarations
  • Conducting bookkeeping audits at companies, not-for-profit organizations and individuals and issuing opinions with regard thereto
  • Accompanying companies and individuals regarding bookkeeping audits conducted by the tax authorities
  • Accompanying clients to income tax assessment deliberations, withholdings and national insurance institute taxes
  • Handling pre-rulings on issues of bookkeeping, exemptions from withholding tax at the source in respect of distributions of scholarships, etc.
  • Accompaniment and handling of not-for-profit organizations to obtain certification as public institutions for purposes of article 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance (tax-exempt contributions)

Bookkeeping audits

Maintaining proper bookkeeping records is of paramount importance and failure to adhere to the bookkeeping regulations may result in actions taken by the tax authorities. We conducted self-audits for companies and individuals who want to test their compliance with the bookkeeping regulations.

Pre-rulings from the Income Tax Authority on various issues

We specialize in obtaining pre-rulings from the tax authorities in connection with leniencies in bookkeeping at companies and individuals, in cases in which the existing regulations are not in line with the activity of the client.

Preparedness for withholding audits regarding income tax and national insurance institute taxes

We assist clients on how to prepare for audits carried out by the Income Tax Authority and the National Insurance Institute, including accompaniment in dealings with the authorities and guidance on how to remedy faults which surface during the audit.

Accompaniment and assistance to not-for-profit organizations in obtaining article 46 certification

Many not-for-profit organizations have to receive donations to fund their public activities. Donors prefer to donate to a charitable organization that has certification as a public institution for purposes of tax credits under article 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance. We specialize in handling work with the tax authority for purposes of obtaining recognition of the not-for-profit organization as a public institution in order to benefit from tax-refunds on donations pursuant to article 46.

Individual taxation

Einat Maliar

Director of Individual Taxation

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