Information systems are one of your organization’s most crucial resources.

The threats against them are many and varied and, therefore, protecting and securing them is of paramount importance.

Information system managers contend with this challenge on a daily basis, while at the same time they have to comply with a wealth of different regulatory requirements that are updated on a regular basis.

Fahn Kanne Control Management has the know-how and experience in the fields of auditing, together with expertise in the field of information systems.

A variety of services

Information security

  • Consulting on and auditing of information security for communications networks
  • Consulting on and auditing of information security for the organizational information systems
  • Consulting on and auditing of physical information security
  • Development and installation of procedures relating to information security

Risk assessments

  • Assessments can be conducted on two levels, based on the needs and requirements of the customer: an overall risk assessment and a more in-depth risk assessment
  • Risk assessments in the area of information security at the organization
  • Risk assessments in connection with the operation of information systems

Strategies and processes in the area of IT

  • Advice and selection of information system strategies
  • Consulting, control and implementation of methodologies and models at the organization, such as ISO COBIT
  • Consulting on improvement of processes in the area of IT
  • Consulting and accompaniment on implementation of processes in the IT Unit
  • Consulting on controls and auditing of the organization’s BCP and DRP

Project management and system development

  • Audit consulting in the area of IT project management
  • Consulting and auditing of development of information systems and change management
  • Consulting and accompaniment of processes for the installation of information systems
  • Consulting and auditing of the separation of duties in the IT unit and in the area of information systems development


  • Consulting on adapting the organization to comply with SOX requirements
  • Provision 357 of the Supervisor of Banks
  • Guidelines of the Supervisor of Insurance

Independent audits

  • SAS 70
  • Compliance with SOX requirements
  • Auditing of information systems related to financial reporting

IT operations

  • Consulting and auditing in connection with the operational efficiency of the IT unit
  • Consulting in connection with the drafting of IT-related procedures


  • Analysis of data and retrieval of data from databases and information systems in preparation for specialty audits
  • Root cause analysis


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