A lot of deals do not meet their original goals.

Many things can happen to cause the differences in what actually happens and the goal, but these categories can capture most of the differences:

  • Lacking a concrete reason for the transaction
  • Ineffectively organizing people within the organizations
  • Not focusing on the key value drivers
  • An unstructured change process

While not guaranteed to meet goals, having the right knowledge and insights about the businesses during transactions can help mitigate the risks and capture the opportunities. The areas highlighted below can help improve the chances that the transaction goes through smoothly:

Assess – looking for opportunities and risks to become more competitive

Implement – acting on every opportunity and risk and ensuring they are acted upon 

Optimize – not being afraid to change things to be the most efficient the business can be

Dispose – getting the best possible return when divesting an asset

Deal team

Grant Thornton offers practical insight for deal operations to financial and corporate clients to increase the chances that the deal reaches their goals. Our team understands business operations and incorporates functional and sector specific experience while working with you throughout the deal lifestyle.

The services we offer include:

Due Diligence- highlighting risks and opportunities to help buyers and vendors evaluate a deal

Synergy planning and review – creating a detailed case with synergies highlighted to make the base of integration planning and to help with public reporting if required

Carve-out- dealing with a non-core company that was fully operational within a parent company and managing the implications of the divestment or acquisition, including financial, operational, and regulatory

Integration- we help capture value and limit risks post-integration by preparing for the integration of the acquired business

Sale preparation- increasing business value by improving operations a year prior to the sale and improving the presentation of the business when being sold

Michael Halin
Director, Advisory | CPA (Isr.)
Michael Halin