Capabilities in the diamond industry

Our firm has over 60 years of experience in the industry and serves as the accountant for over 100 diamond companies, including many Israeli companies with foreign shareholders, Diamond Exchange institutions: the Israel Diamond Institute, the Diamond Museum, the Diamond Technology Institute and others.

Our firm is considered one of the largest firms providing accounting services to the diamond industry thanks to the knowhow, experience and professionalism we accumulated over many years of activity.

Our firm has been approved by the English company DeBeers and the Russian company Alrosa for the purpose of submitting financial statements in accordance with international standards.

About our department, its directors and its staff

Some of the department's employees are the successors of the first accountants in Israel. The original firm was established in the early 1950s by two CPAs, Frommer & Tregatch, of blessed memory, and it specialized in accounting for all sectors of the economy. At the end of 1971, Tzali Reshef, CPA, Frommer's son-in-law, joined that firm and he currently serves as a senior manager in the Diamond department at Fahn Kanne. In 1997, Amir Reshef, CPA and attorney, (Frommer's grandson and Tzali Reshef’s son) joined the firm, and he is currently a partner at Fahn Kanne & Co. and the manager of the Diamond department.

The firm is located in Kibbutz Hagoshrim and has a branch in the Ramat Gan Stock Exchange complex. The firm employs six accountants, as well as bookkeepers and tax consultants. All of them, except for our firm's representative on the Ramat Gan Stock Exchange, are residents of the Galilee.

The department’s expertise and its clients

The department provides accounting and auditing services, as well as many related services such as taxation, business consulting and accompaniment, economic services, bookkeeping services, payroll controllership and labor law-related services. The department's employees are known for their high level of professionalism, availability and courtesy to clients, and use of the best technologies at its disposal.

Over the many years of activity of the department's directors, they have accumulated a great deal of know-how and have developed expertise in accounting for various industries such as: commerce and services, diamond dealers, tourism, non-profit organizations, real estate, industry, restaurants, insurance, etc. It should be noted that the department also serves as the largest diamond department in the State of Israel.

Our firm's clients are diverse and numerous, and our client list includes entities such as companies (including government companies), associations and non-profit organizations, the kibbutz industry, partnerships, and self-employed individuals. Some of our clients have affiliated companies in Israel and abroad and some of our clients have annual turnover volumes in excess of NIS 1 billion. 

Amir Reshef
Partner, Diamond Department Director
Amir Reshef