All-time low interest rates across Europe and the USA have resulted in investors looking to find new ways to generate a return on their cash.

This has transformed the lending market for mid-market companies, increasing liquidity in the market, providing price competition and more innovative finance products and most importantly increasing the numbers of finance providers in the market.

This presents an unprecedented opportunity for mid-market corporates, but to fully benefit it is important to understand the range of options available. This extends much further than just the cost of funds, but really understanding where your business is going, how it's going to get there and making sure that your financing is going to support you on this journey.

Achieving the optimal funding structure for your business is key

Through acting as a strategic sounding board, testing and challenging assumptions and facilitating debate within your leadership team, we obtain a unique understanding of your strategic ambitions. We often use our CEO Room as a tool to understand where your business is going and how it's going to get there. This insight makes us uniquely placed to advise you on the funding options available to you to support your business and deliver value for your stakeholders.

You will go through a financing event every few years whereas we are doing it day in and day out. We provide an insight into the funding process which will make it quicker, easier, less stressful and less time consuming for you, as well as ensuring you are getting the best terms and structure available for your business.

Our services

The Debt Advisory team specialises in two main areas to help you achieve your objectives:

  • raising and refinancing debt
  • restructuring debt

Debt advisory

Raising and refinancing debt

The funding landscape for mid-market corporates has fundamentally changed and with change comes opportunity.

Restructuring debt

Running a business is never plain sailing and things can go wrong.

Shlomi Bartov
Partner, CEO of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.
Shlomi Bartov