Our firm has a Technology and Life Sciences department that specializes in accompanying companies during their initial / start-up stages and / or development stages, in the Technology and Life Sciences industry including medical devices, biotechnology, biomedicine, cleantech, information systems, software and others.

The Technology and Life Sciences department is staffed with accountants, economists and tax experts with extensive experience and know-how in consulting for Technology and Life Sciences companies. The department staff also utilizes the experience of their colleagues in the Grant Thornton organization in connection with investments, transactions and fundraising abroad.

Our services

We have developed a package of services that provides excellent solutions to the particular needs of Technology and Life Sciences companies. This service package encompasses many areas, including the following:

Audit and accounting

  • Financial statements audit in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP and Israeli GAAP
  • Accompaniment of private placements
  • Accompaniment of initial public offerings (IPO and secondary) in Israel and abroad

Local and international taxation

  • Corporate structure based on tax considerations
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax accompaniment of employees option plans
  • Variations of structure in view of future events (capital gains, dividends, entry of investor, placements, etc.)
  • Ongoing consulting and tax planning in Israel and abroad (with the assistance of tax experts from other Grant Thornton-member firms)
  • Assessment of tax consequences in connection with special transactions and operations
  • Utilization of benefits and incentive laws

Fundraising and financing of activities

  • Preparation of a business plan and a marketing plan
  • Assistance and accompaniment during the process of selecting potential investors
  • Certifications for funds, government authorities and incentive plans

Business – financial consulting

  • Determining corporate structure and defining roles
  • Setting up financial systems and reporting frameworks
  • Ongoing business and financial consulting
  • Controllership and accounting services
  • Due diligence
  • Feasibility studies and company valuations
  • Mergers and acquisitions, investments
  • Expansion of operations and operations abroad
  • Employee stock option plans

Achieving incentives

  • Analyzing the client's core capabilities, needs and strategic roadmap
  • Devising potential project's grants portfolio
  • Defining the project's objectives (project's "vision")
  • Conducting feasibility study to assess success chances
  • Recruiting strategic partners
  • Setting up the main work plan activities
  • Preparing a detailed budget and the administrative data
  • Managing and executing the proposal preparation procedure (including support of personnel from finance, technology and competitive strategy fields)
  • Preparing the project for the professional evaluation
  • Guiding the project: partnership management, innovation supporting activities, preparation of periodic reports, approval of quarterly reports and more

Experience and clients

Our firm has extensive experience in working with Technology and Life Sciences and public companies, as well as an in-depth understanding of how to help such companies grow and develop. Among other things, our firm has led Technology and Life Sciences companies and other companies to successful issuances in Israel and abroad.

ניר ייני
Partner, International Practice Leader
Nir Yenni