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Privacy policy

Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL) wants to protect the privacy of visitors to our website. Please read the following policy; it will help you to understand how we use your personal data. We may change our privacy policy at any time without giving you notice, so please check it each time you visit our website.

What personal data do we collect?

We log your Internet Protocol (IP) address in order to receive and send information from and to you over the internet.

When you visit our website, make an enquiry, order publications or request more information, you may be asked to provide some personal data such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. In the event you decide to provide personal data, this policy will apply.


What is a Cookie

A cookie is a small piece of data or message that is sent from an organisation's web server to your web browser and is then stored on your hard drive. Cookies can't read data off your hard drive or cookie files created by other sites, and do not damage your system.

This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy relates to Personal Data which has been gathered and processed through the website as well as the websites hosted under the aforementioned domain (the "Website") of Fahn Kanne Grant Thornton Israel, Certified Public Accountants (Registered Partnership) ("Fahn Kanne", "We").

This Privacy Policy is intended to publicize and explain the Website's Privacy Policy regarding the gathering, use and transfer to third parties of personal identifying information ("Personal Data") which is gathered in connection with the use of the Website.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Website Terms. By using/browsing the Website, you agree to this policy, and in particular to the gathering and use of the information as described hereinafter. Terms which are not explicitly defined in this document shall have the meanings given to them in the Website Terms.

The headings and sub-headings are for convenience only, and are not to be used for the purpose of interpreting the Privacy Policy or any of its provisions.

For the avoidance of doubt, this Privacy Policy applies to the gathering of Personal Data through the Website and does not apply to any other offline activity of Fahn Kanne.


Fahn Kanne is part of an international network of independent accounting, tax and consulting companies ("GRANT THORNTON Network Members") which provide professional services under the name of GRANT THORNTON ("GRANT THORNTON").

Each GRANT THORNTON Network Member is a separate legal entity and is not liable for the acts and/or omissions of other companies in the network. The arrangements or rules of the GRANT THORNTON network do not constitute or imply the existence of an agency or partnership relationship between the GRANT THORNTON Network Members.

This Privacy Policy applies to the Website only and does not apply to GRANT THORNTON websites in other locations around the world, unless they expressly refer to this Privacy Policy.

Please note that websites of GRANT THORNTON Network Members, the links to which are shown on the Website are the responsibility of the relevant GRANT THORNTON Network Members or related companies which manage those websites, and are not the responsibility of Fahn Kanne. Moreover, the Privacy Policy detailed in this document do not apply to other websites which are linked to this website unless stated otherwise in their privacy policies. Before transferring any Personal Data, We ask users to read the privacy policies of those websites.

What Personal Data do you gather when I visit the Website?

It is not necessary to register in order to access the Website, but if you participate in any of the activities or services offered by the Website,  then We shall gather the Personal Data We need to provide you with those services. Should you fail to provide the information required for this purpose it may impair provision of the services.

Information which is gathered from you:

  • Contact details such as, full name, position, electronic mail address, employer's name and telephone number.
  • Your inquiry details, relevant areas of interest concerning the professional services provided by GRANT THORNTON. 

Technical information

When you browse the Website, we may gather technical information such as an IP address, details about pages which you have browsed on the Website and on the Internet and information concerning type of browser software you are using.

The Website gathers standard information as mentioned above and technical information in order to gauge and improve the efficiency of the Website, diagnose problems with our server, manage the Website, identify where the browser traffic to the Website is coming from, and to identify our users. We may also gather additional information through such as information about usage and browsing habits on the Website.

In order to gather such information, We make use of cookies ("Cookies"). Further information about the use of Cookies can be found in the chapter entitled "Use of Cookies" as detailed below.

When do you gather Personal Data?

We shall gather Personal Data details when:

  • You sign up to receive a newsletter
  • You leave us details so We can contact you
  • You browse the Website (via Cookies)
  • You register for an event or request to download a document from the Website

We shall gather information necessary to process your request or to provide services requested by you. The transfer of the information to us is not mandatory, although such information is required by us in order to provide the services. We may request supplemental information as required to provide an appropriate response to your request.

How do you use Personal Data?

In order to:

  • Identify you and verify your identity when you contact us
  • Contact you regarding our services and according to your request
  • Send you a newsletter in accordance with the relevant areas of interest which you
  • Send you reminders about events which you signed up for, for the purpose of physical or virtual identification of the event and sending a summary of an event that took place
  • For the purpose of improving and customizing our services through analyzing information about your use of the Website
  • Comply with any law in accordance with the legislation that applies to us and in order to cooperate with supervisory bodies and enforcement authorities

Right to inspect or amend

In accordance with the applicable law you have the right to request to inspect or to amend the Personal Data which is stored about you. In addition, you are entitled to demand in writing that information which is being used for direct mailing be deleted from the database. In order to exercise that right, you can write to, stating the electronic mail address that you wish us to remove from our mailing lists. It is clarified that your request not to receive marketing material from us shall not prejudice our right to continue contacting you by electronic mail or by other means regarding the subject of the contract between us, as long as it exists.

Will my Personal Data be passed on to third parties?

We shall take reasonable measures to protect the Personal Data and prevent it from being transferred to third parties.

Fahn Kanne does not sell, let or lease your Personal Data to third parties and shall not share your Personal Data with others, without your consent, unless in its discretion and in good faith Fahn Kanne considers it necessary to do so for one of the following purposes in order to:

[1] comply with the law in response to a legal proceeding, disclosure order or request from a government authority or in any case of a dispute, or litigation of any kind between you and Fahn Kanne or between you and other users in connection with the Website;

[2] enforce this Privacy Policy or the Website Terms, including within the framework of an investigation into possible violations of the Privacy Policy or Website terms or cases in which Fahn Kanne reasonably believes the user has breached the Website Terms, abused his right to use the Website, or has committed an act or omission that Fahn Kanne reasonably believes violates any relevant law, rules or regulations.

Fahn Kanne may share the user's Personal Data in these cases with the law enforcement and other competent authorities and with any third party as shall be required in order to deal with any consequence of the user's act or civil wrong;

[3] detect, prevent or otherwise deal with fraud, or security problems or technical problems with the intention of preventing bodily injury or property damage to others;

[4] respond to requests for support and the user's inquiries;

[5] protect the rights, the property, or the personal safety of Fahn Kanne, the Website's users or the general public;

[6] Should Fahn Kanne undergo a change of control, including by way of merger, acquisition, or the purchase of all or most of its assets or in the event that Fahn Kanne has assigned or transferred its operations and consequently its rights and obligations to all the users to a third party;

[7] provide and/or augment a service for the user, prevent damage or correct malfunctions;

[8] In accordance with the user's express authorization which was given prior to the disclosure.

For the avoidance of doubt, Fahn Kanne may in it’s full discretion disclose information which is not Personal Data to third parties.

Fahn Kanne may also share Personal Data with GRANT THORNTON Network Members, subsidiaries, sister companies and parent companies. Personal Data may also be shared with Fahn Kanne's subcontractors on the express condition that their use of it shall be consistent with this Privacy Policy.


For how long you shall keep my Private Information?

Fahn Kanne shall keep the Personal Data about you for the entire duration of the contract between us. Following the expiry of the contract period, We shall keep the Personal Data for the time required in order to enable us to maintain business records for the purpose of analysis and/or audit, for such period as the applicable law requires, in order to defend or file lawsuits, and in order to deal with complaints.

We shall act to delete the Personal Data when it is no longer required for one of the purposes stated above. Should We be unable, for technical reasons, to delete all the Personal Data from our systems, We shall see to it that measures are taken to prevent this information from being processed.


Is Personal Data secure?

Fahn Kanne utilizes industry-accepted technological and operational security measures in order to prevent the loss, unauthorized use, alteration or deletion of Personal Data. We require all employees and managers to keep the Personal Data confidential and restrict access to the Personal Data to those employees who have appropriate authorization.

Fahn Kanne does not guarantee or warrant that its databases, including information which you provide, shall not be hacked and that such information shall not come into the possession of an unauthorized third party, and as long as it takes reasonable precautions it shall not be held responsible for any damage, of any kind and type, which you shall sustain as a result of the hacking of its databases and/or Website and/or computers.

International transfers

In order to provide you with services through, We may be required to transfer your Personal Data outside of Israel. Whenever your Personal Data is transferred outside of Israel, we shall take appropriate steps in accordance with the relevant laws in order to ensure its security and protection of its confidentiality. Fahn Kanne may also gather, hold and manage your Personal Data through cloud services or hosting by a third party in a reasonable manner and for business purposes, and the information may be stored in other countries, including also the United States, and you agree to the transfer of your Personal Data outside of Israel as aforesaid. For more information on how We protect your Personal Data, please contact us through the contact details set out below.

Use of Cookies

As part of the ongoing operation of the Website, Fahn Kanne uses "cookies", small text files stored in the user's browser which are used, inter alia, to verify details, adjust content to user preferences and gather statistical information. Some cookies shall be deleted as soon as you close the browser, while others are stored until they expire or are deleted by the user.

Fahn Kanne may make use the following types of Cookies:

(1) necessary cookies, which are required in order to upload the Website or to enable the user to utilize certain services which the Website offers;

(2) analytic cookies, which are designed to monitor the way users utilize the Website in order to enable us to improve the Website and the services provided through it;

(3) preference cookies, which store the user's personal definitions regarding the Website; 

(4) marketing cookies, which are used to create customized advertisements for the users and to gauge the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


You may also, at any time, either remove the "Cookies" from your browser, or set its definitions in such a way that it disables them. However, Fahn Kanne does not guarantee that such actions shall not impede proper browsing of the Website and it may block access to and/or not provide a service in cases where such actions have been taken.

Amendment of the Privacy Policy

Fahn Kanne may and is at liberty to amend (by way of alteration, deletion, removal, downloading and addition, including of extra terms) (the "Change") the Privacy Policy from time to time and in its sole discretion and shall include the date on which the Change was made. Without prejudice to existing transactions, the use of and/or the purchase of products and/or services through the Website following the Change, shall be subject to the amended version of the Privacy Policy.  

This Privacy Policy shall be subject to the laws of the State of Israel. Any dispute arising from the Privacy Policy shall be adjudicated exclusively by the court having subject-matter jurisdiction in the district of Tel Aviv.

How to contact us

Should you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact us by electronic mail at or via the "Contact us" page on the Website.

Last updated on 23.06.2022