This sector includes all of the government ministries, including supporting units, the security system (the IDF, Israel Police), as well as the local authorities, government companies, municipal corporations and other budgeted entities.


 Has in-depth and varied knowledge in consulting for public entities, government ministries, municipal authorities, municipal corporations and government companies.

  Has know-how regarding ongoing management and initiated and complex processes – and many years of experience in these fields.

 Has in-depth understanding of the special needs of this sector.

The firm has expertise in the various operating areas, including in the following: energy, electricity and water, transportation infrastructures (highways, train tracks and ports), infrastructures for developing land, environmental issues, higher education, security forces, health, etc.

Among our current and past clients are: the Environmental Protection Ministry, the Accountant General of the Finance Ministry, the Tax Authority, the Environmental Services Company, the Israel Airports Authority, the Israel Police, the Confidentiality Protection Authority, the National Insurance Institute (the Israeli Social Security Administration), the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety, etc.

our services:

1. Accounting services rendered to the sector:

  Financial statement auditing services

 Preparation of financial statements in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in Israel IIsraeli GAAP) and International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS)

  Ongoing consulting to the finance department

  Ongoing consulting regarding accounting issues

2. Economic – strategic – financial consulting services rendered to the Sector:

A. Services designed for the government sector

 Representation and consulting on regulatory proceedings

 Analysis of trends and formulation of industry-wide forecasts including formulation and preparation of RIA documents to assess the impact of new regulations

  Assessment of issues connected with competition, antitrust and price supervision

 Formulation and accompaniment regarding tenders to carry out large and complex transactions in Israel and abroad

 Formulation of multi-year budgets and work plans, including supervision and control thereof

• Feasibility studies and estimation of fair value for purposes of accounting reporting

 Asset agreements (leasing, sales, PPP, etc.


B. Additional services designed for the public sector in general

 Ongoing business – economic – financial consulting

 Rendering economic opinions

 Compilation of business plans

 Company valuations

 Segment auditing

 Compilation, preparation and control regarding budgets

 Due diligence work and rendering expert opinions for use in legal proceedings

  Estimation of fair value for purposes of accounting reporting

  Accompaniment of tenders

   Assistance in obtaining incentives

Compilation of financial models and accompaniment of private and public placements


Activity of the firm in the public – government sectors will be handled mainly by Fahn Kanne – Jerusalem.

Government & Public Sector

The sector's services in the areas of accounting