The Department assists companies in obtaining R&D grants from a variety of governmental sources, such as the Innovation Authority, Horizon, International Cooperative Arrangements, Eureka, etc. The department has extensive experience in corporate financing in all phases of a company’s life cycle, in a broad range of technological areas and in a variety of industries, such as: cyber, medical device, agriculture, information technologies and communications, energy, aviation, transportation, control systems, etc.

The services rendered by the department include:

  • Planing long-term R&D funding strategy for companies (mapping of opportunities, advantages and disadvantages)
  • Preparation R&D funding applications for submission to governmental sources
  • Reviewing R&D funding applications for submission to governmental sources
  • Drafting requests for recognition as an R&D company by the Innovation Authority, in order to obtain benefits from the Tax Authority and the Israel Securities Authority
  • Locating suitable partners for consortium establishment
  • Preparing applications for funding of international marketing, such as “Smart Money”

Why Fahn Kanne?

  • Experience of more than 18 years in grant recruitment
  • Hands-on experience in working with a variety of governmental funding sources: Israel Innovation Authority, R&D programs of the EU (Horizon 2020) Bi-national Research Funds, international cooperative agreements, Eureka, cooperative arrangements with academic institutions, etc.
  • Working with companies in a broad range of technological areas
  • Working with companies in all stages of development – entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and established firms
  • Cooperation with the various technical and professional departments of the firm allows us to provide our clients with a better product – we leverage the entire portfolio of services rendered by the firm for the benefit of our clients
  • As part of the Grant Thornton International network, we have access to know-how and potential partners around the globe

Custom tailored financing from government incentives:

  • Support for companies in their early stages: TNUFA, technological incubators, innovation labs
  • Support for Growth companies: R&D funds, support in select areas, pilot plans, product adaptation
  • Support for Bi and multinational cooperative arrangements: Bi-national funds, bilateral agreements with a broad range of countries, Eureka, Horizon 2020, cooperation with China
  • Cooperation with academic institutions: Magneton, Magnet.
Shlomi Bartov
Partner, CEO of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.
Shlomi Bartov