Are the risks involved in your major business processes protected by fair and efficient controls? Do you spend money on controls that are inefficient or too costly to perform?

In today's economy, organizations have to move forward in order to remain competitive. Such changes bring the organization to new and interesting opportunities. However, if they are not accompanied by a concurrent development of your control environment, the risk of failure increases accordingly. It is imperative to ensure that the process, the systems and the controls continue to protect the organization.

Our team has extensive experience in evaluation and management of risks and controls. We are assisted by one of the world's most advanced international methodologies, in order to properly evaluate the business processes. Based on our extensive experience in this area, we are able to assist your organization in identifying and understanding the risks that are inherent in the major processes and in assessing whether the existing controls in the organization are fair and efficient and can reduce the very risks that they are designed to contend with.

Our firm's control services provide solutions to problems such as – evaluation of the effectiveness of controls, writing and implementation of procedures, training problems tailored to the needs of the organization, etc. We provide the organization with the ability to ensure that "things are done as they should be done" and we strengthen the communications and awareness of the employees and executives regarding the "control environment".

Our firm has expertise in the following matters (among other things):

Risk assessment

A risk assessment is a tool which maps out the various processes in the organization and facilitates the preparation of the methodology behind the work plans of the internal auditor. The results of the assessment provide organizations with the ability to distinguish between the various risk levels that exist in the different processes.

We use the "residual risk assessment" methodology, which takes into account both the risks and the inherent controls in the processes, so that the residual risk is reflected in the final results of the risk assessment.

Brand name risk assessment

"Brand name risks" exist in every company, regardless of size, and in every sector of the economy. These are risks that, if exposed to the public, may tarnish the reputation and brand name of the company and its products. How can one identify such risks? How can they be prevented and how can they be handled when they are realized?

Brand name risks vary from company to company and organization to organization. Recently, a variety of risks have been exposed in the media, such as animal abuse, employee discrimination, mistreatment of subcontractor employees, consumer fraud, etc.

The ramifications of the occurrence of these risks may be far-reaching, such as: negative media advertising against the company, class-action suits, suits brought by the regulator, customer abandonment, strategic partner abandonment, etc.

We have global methodology that identifies and treats brand name risks, at a minimal investment of resources.

We have the capability of supplying a finished quality product, at a minimal investment of resources, a product that can serve you over time while remaining dynamic and flexible to change.

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