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Organizations must develop in order to remain competitive. Notwithstanding, development and growth must be accompanied by risk control. A risk assessment is the basic and accepted tool used around the world to achieve such control.

Our team has extensive experience in assessing and managing risks and controls. We use one of the most advanced methodologies in the world, in order to assess the fairness of the business processes. Using our extensive experience in this field, we are able to help your organization identify and understand the risks inherent in major processes and determine whether the existing controls in place in the organization are fair and efficient in order to reduce such risks.

Risk assessment

The risk assessment is conducted in accordance with internationally accepted ERM methodology (enterprise risk management) which identified potential risks to the processes conducted by the organization and ranks the quality of the controls and the risks. This facilitates the identification of high risk focal points in the organization, the decision making process regarding actions that could possibly reduce the risks and the setting up of a control framework and benchmarks that can monitor the risks over the long term.

Our added value

Our firm has years and years of experience in conducting risk assessments in various types of organizations (public, private, not-for-profit, institutional entities, government companies, etc.) in every sector of the Israeli economy. Many risk assets have also been conducted at foreign subsidiaries of Israeli companies.