Accompaniment and supervision over the transfer and allocation of funds, trusts, and management of employee compensation plans require close monitoring of and supervision over the funds being transferred.

The department has been active for the past 15 years and specializes in the field of trusts and supervision.  The staff of the department, including certified public accountants and economists, has developed unique work methods and control tools which provide a professional and quality solution to a variety of issues.  The staff has amassed many years of experience in the area of trusts and supervision and has acquired an in-depth understanding of the legal requirements that apply to this field in Israel and around the world.

Our services

Accompaniment and supervision over the transfer and allocation of funds

Many entities which are interested in assisting the advancement of the activities of societies and not-for-profit organizations, very often have the need to ensure that the use of their contributions is properly supervised.  The goal of such supervision is to ensure compliance with the objectives for which the money was designated.

As part of this goal, our firm provides a broad range of accompaniment and supervisory services over business activities, private activities (inheritances and guardianships) and local and international projects.

These services include:

  • Management of funds held in trust in designated bank accounts
  • Checking requests of beneficiaries and the degree of compliance with the provisions of law and the requirements of the funding organization
  • Monitoring the actual use of the transferred funds
  • Verification of data through field visits
  • Trusteeship concerning transactions involving the sale of shares between companies

Trusteeship and management of employee compensation plans

Our firm offers a service package for the efficient and professional management of trusteeships regarding employee stock option plans, as part of article 102 of the Israeli Income Tax Ordinance.

The service offered to our clients incorporates a range of services including:

  • Submission of the plan for the approval of the tax authorities, either as an income or capital track
  • Handling of the process of exercising options into shares and the sale thereof on the stock market
  • Calculation of the tax on the sale and the transfer of the funds to both the authorities and the employees' bank accounts
  • Monitoring and reporting on the securities roster and the terms thereof during the trust period