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Galit Stiber, CPA (Isr.), is the partner-in-charge of Fahn Kanne Trust Ltd. as well as the firm’s outsourcing division. Ms. Stiber has extensive experience in financial auditing and the preparation of financial statements. As part of her work, she has amassed experience in the auditing of non-profit organizations, Amutot and Charitable Corporations. 

Areas of expertise

  • Galit is in charge of a staff of over 20 employees, both professional and administrative.
  • She has extensive experience in handling both public and private corporate audit clients, as well as mutual funds.
  • She accompanies capital issuances and fundraising.
  • She specializes in specialty audit work, supervisory work and budgets.
  • She is the partner-in-charge of Fahn Kanne Trust Ltd.
  • She is in charge of the firm’s outsourcing division (bookkeeping, controllership, payroll, tax reporting).


2001: MBA – Management College

1998:  Bachelors of Business Administration, cum laude, ManagementCollege – major in accounting.

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