Our services

Our office combines global knowledge with local experience in order to provide complete solutions in audit accounting, taxes and strategic consulting.

We recognize the need to manage expenses and maximize tax refunds, especially when the market is under pressure.

We help Businesses with audit issues and taxation issues on all levels and in order for us to assist them in raising capital, conducting due diligence proper inspections, auditing and rebuilding the business activity in the transition from Israeli standards to international standards.


 Financial statements prepared according to Israeli GAAP and international standards (IFRS)

  • Accompanying private placements
  • Accompanying public offerings in Israel and abroad
  • Accompanying in the conversion of financial reporting from Israeli standards to international standards while taking into account and deeply understanding the special reporting needs of the real estate and


Taxes and international taxation


  • The structure of the company of various future events (Capital Gains, Dividends, Investor Income, Issuance, Ipo etc.)
  • Checking taxation aspects in transactions and special operations
  • Ongoing consulting and tax planning in Israel and abroad (accompanied by the tax experts in the offices that are members of the Grant Thornton network)
  • Taking care of Form 50 approvals and relevant approvals for the real estate industry in Israel
  • Utilization of benefits and incentive laws
  • Taxation support in the options program
  • Transfer prices


Raising capital and financing the activity


  • Preparation of business and marketing plan
  • Accompanying the process for selecting potential investors
  • Accompanying the company in submitting relevant tenders and approvals


Business - financial consulting

  • Ongoing business - financial advice
  • Advice to the financial management department
  • Adequate testing
  • Feasibility tests and valuations
  • Mergers, acquisitions and investments
  • Expansion of activity in Israel and/or abroad
  • Employee benefit plans (shares, options)

Obtaining incentives (conditional on compliance with the incentive conditions)

  • Analysis of the client's core capabilities, needs and strategic map
  • Planning a portfolio of potential grants for the project
  • Defining the project goals ("project vision")
  • Carrying out a feasibility study to assess the chances of success
  • Recruiting strategic partners
  • Planning a general work plan
  • Preparation of a detailed budget and administrative data
  • Managing and carrying out the process of writing the proposal for the grant request (including support from finance people, technology and competitive strategy)
  • Preparation for the professional examination
  • Project support: partnership management, innovation support activities, approval of quarterly reports, preparation of reporting reports and more


Experience and customers

Our office has many years of experience working with public and private construction and real estate companies in Israel and abroad and a deep understanding of the unique needs of this industry, while deeply recognizing the nature of the company and the individual client. Among our clients in the public sector are Meshulam Levinstein, Durban, Hanan Mor Group and Liberty Properties. Among our clients in the private sector are Meir Real Estate, America Israel Investments, Euro-Sat Investments, Ella R. Properties, Ephraim Rogovin, Boni Benin Group, German Retail Target, Afgad Construction Company, and Haya Properties K.S.R.


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Doing business in Cyprus - Exclusive conference | 14.9.22


An exclusive and interesting conference on investments in Cyprus led by Yigal Biton, partner and head of the real estate sector at our firm. The conference dealt with various investment avenues as well as taxation issues relevant to Israeli companies and investors.


Presentations from the conference:


 Opening remarks - Igal Bitton, Partner GT Israel - download PDF format [ 1085 kb ] [ 1085 kb

 Property Market in Cyprus: Types of investments offered to international investors Brian JC Osborne Senior Advisor UHNW Families, Leptos Group download PDF format [ 9658 kb ] [ 9658 kb ]

How the global tax environment affects Cyprus and the available tax incentives - George Karavis Tax partner GT Cyprus - download PDF format [ 510 kb ] [ 510 kb ]

Tax challenges for Israelis investing in Cyprus - Yigal Rofhe, Tax partner GT Israel - download PDF format [ 718 kb ] [ 718 kb ]

VAT issues in Cyprus relating to investment in real estate - Kyriakos Fili, VAT partner GT Cyprus - download PDF format [ 465 kb ] [ 465 kb ]


The real estate market is heating up - tax aspects, critical controls and insights from the field - 15.7.21

YouTube video


The real estate market today - challenges in pricing and financing transactions



Real estate disputes in the Corona era

Fahn Kanne in collaboration with Minister M. Piron and Co. participated in a unique webinar in the field of real estate, which dealt with topics of interest: disputes between involvement in real estate transactions, contractual litigation, settlements of real estate disputes, entrepreneurship in the era of the Corona virus, and more. in pricing and financing transactions.