At our firm, we believe that it is of paramount importance to address the overall organizational activity that stands behind the accounting values. An understanding of these activities provides insights into the financial statements and enables us to perform a better audit.

In order to operate under this approach, we have to obtain an in-depth understanding of the nature of the organization, including its information systems, work processes, internal controls and the quality of the human resources.

The proposed services:

Our firm renders a range of professional services in the field of accounting, including:

  1. Financial statement auditing – In accordance with Israeli GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP
  2. Financial statement preparation
  3. Additional services as part of the audit process
  4. Information systems

Why pick Fahn Kanne - Grant Thornton Israel?

  • Enhanced involvement, commencing with the advanced planning of the audit and concluding with a risk-based approach, provides a more comprehensive understanding of the organization and a unique ability to provide consulting comments that are relevant to managing the organization.
  • The ratio of partner / manager / audit staff at our firm is lower than at our large competitors, enabling us to a very high level of partner involvement in the engagement.
  • Together with you, we will define what is important to you and that will determine the priorities for the engagement.
  • Providing a quick and high quality response.
  • We will propose practical solutions that will assist in improving performance and achieving growth.
  • We operate with audit teams that think in different ways, but that brainstorm and cooperate with one another.

Our firm is characterized by a global vision that promotes decisive leadership and rendering of unique and distinct services to clients around the world through professional and empowered staff.

  • Unique customer service – We render unique and consistent service across the globe. As a result of their experience with our firm, our clients feel that they are receiving services from a unified international organization.
  • Decisive leadership – Through our decisive leadership, whether acting as a group or as individuals, our professional staff will continue to be considered as leaders, both in the business world and in our markets.
  • Professional and empowered employees – Fahn Kanne's staff is authorized to perform its work with complete responsibility. Empowered employees develop when the correct people are placed in the correct jobs – a match that grants them the ability to provide a service that is typical of and specific to Fahn Kanne & Co.

The service includes

Financial statement auditing

A Company’s financial statements constitute an important management tool that contributes to the ability to analyze and evaluate the organization's performance, both in the operational field and in the financial field.

Financial statement preparation

The independence principle has to be upheld. Companies have to get used to the fact that regulatory requirements prohibit their auditors from assisting them in preparing their financial statements.

Additional services as part of the audit process

Assistance and consulting on solving accounting problems