Business decisions come from modeling out things.

Whether you are looking for ways to raise capital, acquire/divest a business, evaluating strategic areas, or look towards future opportunities, forecasting will have to be done.  Forecasting comes from a financial model.

A strong financial model creates more transparency and credibility, with clear assumptions able to be easily changed to understand more of the risks and opportunities facing your business.

We are here to help you understand better the impact of potential decisions before they are made.

You'll receive financial models that are very designed efficiently from Microsoft Excel.  Each model made is produced from scratch with innovative methods, providing us with the ability to make a solution that fits your needs. Our models are critical in analyzing the business risks facing your business, assessing options available and allowing better abilities to make well-informed decisions.

During the modelling process, we will be there to help you understand and use a valuable tool that can be used after our engagement is over. We pair business insights with in-depth Excel modeling skills for our practical approach.

We will use our knowledge of other businesses and situations in your field to tailor the recommendations you receive during the development process.

Our solutions

Transactions- we can provide insight from our deal models into value drivers, detail risks and projected returns, and help you achieve a better price

Strategy- we can help you analyze and evaluate strategic options by utilizing our models

Operations- we can assist with operational change by using models to test different options, analyze benefits, and assess synergies

Restructuring- we can help distressed companies rebuild investor confidence with our credible model

Bankruptcy- we can analyze the result of bankruptcy by using our entity priority models to simulate the process of unraveling elaborate structures and positions

Financing Infrastructure- our detailed modelling and financing advice helps the public sector with managing contracts and efficiency reviews

In addition, we can help with analyzing data, reviewing models, and training to use financial models