Fahn Kanne’s advisory services approaches due diligence with a goal in improving transaction profitability and giving practical suggestions, and not just by confirming what you already know.

Our business consultancy team is comprised of a group of experts who understand mergers & acquisitions, taking an approach that revolves around identifying business opportunities and threats.

We provide robust due diligence services that are linked to our clients’ requirements:

  • An assessment of the significant criteria for the success of the business
  • An assessment of the financial and operational risks
  • An analysis of the financial statements of the business
  • An assessment of the sales, marketing frameworks and the business strategy
  • Verifying the reliability of historic data
  • Ascertaining the reasonability of financial forecasts
  • Examining the financial fortitude of the business
  • Reviewing the legal and contractual aspects of the business
  • Assessing the level of management of the business and the quality of the managerial team

How are difficulties overcome when conducting a due diligence project abroad?

Fahn Kanne Consulting can help with cultural gaps present in all types of transactions and procedures that vary from country to country. As a subsidiary accounting firm of Fahn Kanne & Co, we are prepared to help you through our broad deployment of accounting network grants.