At times when the complex requirements of public reforms and regulations in the financial sphere increase, banks, savings, credit unions and other financial institutions look for ways to obtain direct, ethical and professional business consultation.

The experience of our dedicated team of professionals enables us to provide a unique and strategic viewpoint on current banking issues, as well as to provide recommended work methods thereby positioning our clients in a forward looking direction.

Working with the banking sector

•    Accompanying debt arrangements with banks

•    In-depth understanding of the mechanisms for valuation of various debt instruments (debentures and loans) with volumes exceeding NIS 50 billion.

•    Extensive know-how in the financial field

•    Valuations for banks and credit portfolios

•    Validation of models of structured products for banks

•    Validation of models of risk management for banks

•    Examination of debt at realizable values for purposes of obtaining court approval in respect of arrangements with banks and bondholders, pursuant to article 350 of the Companies Law

•    Opinions on debt repayment ability of one of the vendors of the company

•    Validation of economic models of banks for valuation of fair value of debt instruments and additional financial instruments

Shaarey Ribit Ltd.

A subsidiary of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd., Shaarey Ribit developed a unique model for quoting interest rates and determining the credit risk spreads. It provides fair value valuations and risk-free interest rate quotes and risk spreads in favor of financial asset valuations for institutional investors and financial entities, including banks. In addition, the Company provides yield curves of corporate and high quality debentures for purposes of valuing liabilities to employees pursuant to IAS 19.

Companies undergoing difficulties

•    Special management

•    Accounting and financial assistance to receivers

•    Economic examinations and valuations

•    Checking and accompaniment of debt arrangements

Companies requesting credit

•    Valuations of hundreds of problematic credit portfolios of banks

•    Valuations of control core securities

•    Due diligence projects

•    Lead transaction advisory services for BOT projects

Financial instruments

•    Valuation of fair value of financial assets

•    Costing of loans with collateral

Banking needs and risk management

•    Validation of models based on the guidelines of the Bank of Israel

•    Credit portfolio examination

•    Daily industry-wide yield curves

•    Early identification of issuer risk

Credit cards

•    Economic examinations for banks

Shlomi Bartov
Partner, CEO of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.
Shlomi Bartov