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Ivri Verbin
CEO of Good Vision

Ivri Verbin


Mr. Ivri Verbin has extensive experience in the public and private sectors in the area of corporate social responsibility. Good Vision, a company founded by Ivri in 2002, is a pioneer in this field in Israel. The company renders comprehensive consulting services in the field of corporate social responsibility which include, inter alia, consulting in the areas of reporting and rating, corporate governance, ethics, environment and promotion of communal involvement on the part of companies. The Company’s client list includes many private and government companies. In the past, Mr. Verbin served as an advisor to the then Foreign Minister and Minister of Regional Cooperation, Shimon Peres, and he has even published a comprehensive book on corporate social responsibility.

Mr. Verbin serves as a member of the administrative board of companies: the “Starting Line” Society, the Society for International Development (SID Israel), Watersign and the Heschel Sustainability Center (in the epast, he served on the boards of the following companies: Municipal Transportation Lanes and the Society for the Protection of Nature).

Areas of expertise

  • Reporting – accompaniment and writing Corporate Social Responsibility reports in accordance with the most advanced standards in the world (GRI, AA10000), consulting for companies as part of rating and performance of rating controls.
  • Controls for corporate social responsibility reports – performance of assurance process required for the reports.
  • Corporate governance – drafting a corporate governance code for the Board of Directors of the company.
  • Ethics – drafting a code of ethics for companies and compiling an implementation plan, including workshops and training sessions for employees and the performance of controls.
  • Training corporate social responsibility departments – compiling a joint work plan relating to the various components of the area, accompaniment and training for the position, taking into account the special needs of the specific company.
  • Community – development of a flagship project that addresses the strategic core of the company, accompaniment of the process that combines the various stages, from the thought process through the actual implementation.
  • Environment and sustainability – calculating the corporate carbon footprint of the company, submission of reports on hothouse gas emissions as part of a voluntary mechanism, drafting the company’s environmental policy, consulting on environmental efficiency measures and carrying out training on this issue.


2000: Certificate studies in Corporate Social Responsibility for Executives, Cambridge University.

1998: International Leadership Program at the United Nations University

1996-1998: Masters of Business Administration in strategic management, Bradford University

1994-1996: Bachelor of Arts in political science, Tel Aviv University, Israel

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