Our firm specializes in preparing expert opinions in the fields of accounting, economics, finance and banking for use in litigation and bridging proceedings.

Opinions for use in legal proceedings – areas of expertise

Expert opinions assist in resolving conflict in a number of areas:

  • Relations between companies, owners and executives
  • Relations between insurance companies and clients
  • Relations between banks and clients
  • Interfamilial relationships – distribution of assets among family members

Opinions provide support for the commercial needs of companies, liquidation proceedings, receiverships and stays of action in the field of torts.

In addition, our firm specializes in accompanying and consulting for family companies and in the preparation of expert opinions in files dealing with family companies.

The following is a description of the topics covered in our expert opinions:


  • Valuations
  • Fairness opinions
  • Protecting minority rights
  • Intellectual property
  • Copyright violations

Family business

  • Disputes between shareholders – second and third generations
  • Economic disputed as part of divorce proceedings

Liquidation, receiverships and stays of proceeding

  • Valuations for determining sales prices
  • Asset valuations and ways to divide up assets
  • Checking repayment capabilities and ability to meet liabilities
  • Assistance in accountant and management matters for attorneys in liquidation and receivership proceedings


  • Economic opinions on the issue of loss of profits, loss of revenues and damage evaluation
  • Economic damage claims in accordance with the Law for Compensation for Traffic Accident Victims
  • Loss and impairment of goodwill
  • Appraisal of damages as a result of fires and natural disasters
Shlomi Bartov
Partner, CEO of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.
Shlomi Bartov