Consultation and accompaniment in the field of energy

Consultation and accompaniment in the field of energy, natural gas and electricity

Natural gas enables plants and public institutions to make significant savings on energy costs. Halevi Dueck has expertise in the area of consulting and accompaniment on projects involving conversion to natural gas and cogeneration.

The commencement of the flow of natural gas from the reservoirs constitutes a business opportunity to industrial plants for significant monetary savings in energy costs.

Halevi Dueck specializes in the construction and management of complex projects in the fields of infrastructure and energy, with special expertise in the natural gas industry. Our firm has extensive experience in all of the major operational, engineering, statutorial and economic areas of projects involving conversion to use of natural gas.

Proposed services

Conversion to natural gas
Consulting and accompaniment services throughout all of the phases of the project, including economic and engineering consulting and accompaniment of the plant in its dealings with the regulators, contractors and gas and infrastructure providers.

Phase A – Checking the technical-economic feasibility of various scenarios, including construction of power plants and CNG
Phase B – Accompaniment in dealings with distribution company and handling request for grants from The Ministry of Economy And Industry
Phase C – Preparation of initial in-principle planning
Phase D – Tender/s for planning conversion and purchase of gas
Phase E – Accompaniment of plant in planning and licensing phase
Phase F – Accompaniment of the conversion implementation phase
Phase G – Consulting on the issue of approval of end equipment according to the outline of the Standards Institute for Natural Gas

Natural gas enables users to make significant savings in energy costs when setting up an integrated power plant for supplying heat, cooling and electricity. The feasibility of a cogeneration project has to be examined in view of the regulation costs, the change in fuel prices and operational adaptability.

Phase A – A technical-economic examination including specific characteristics of the plant/institution from the following standpoints – engineering and operations, the impact of existing regulation and possible changes on investment and savings, economic feasibility in view of various scenarios, the outline of the transaction from the commercial and financing standpoint.

Phase B – A tender for the planning and construction of a cogeneration facility: technical specifications, milestones and definition of commercial terms, BOT, outright ownership, etc.

Phase C – A tender for the purchase of gas: preparation of specifications in accordance with operational needs, obtaining bids, initial negotiations regarding commercial terms: minimum commitment, compensation mechanisms, dates of commitment and realization of options.

Phase D – Accompaniment and consulting during the course of the planning and performance: consulting for the client during the duration of his work with the contractor, assistance on interfaces with additional factors, such as gas infrastructure companies, supervisors, etc.


  • Assistance to plant on making decisions under uncertain conditions
  • Comprehensive commercial consulting relevant to the natural gas market
  • Consulting on the synchronization of all of the factors and interfaces involved in the project


Consultation and accompaniment in the field of energy Arnon Rund

CEO of subsidiary Halevi Dweck Ltd.