Even well-run businesses can find themselves in difficult situations.

Cash flow can threaten a well-run business when a major event occurs that negatively impacts the business, or under-achieving can threaten compliance with agreed-upon bank covenants.

In these situations, debtors and creditors may look to refinancing options to address this situation. However, advertising a business for sale in a stressed/distressed way can impair business enterprise value. As sustainability concerns go up, concerns increase from customers and employees, while credit lines and limits from lenders and suppliers can be revoked

How Grant Thornton can help

In circumstances of business continuity concerns, an Accelerated M&A process can be a critical to realize value stakeholders internally and externally without impairing the business. Typically, banks and private equity companies engage us to find a way to avoid administrative procedures.

Sensitivity and speed are critical parts of our approach

We are always responsive, not only to the case for possible value minimization that can be caused by distressful times, but also to the fact that executive management may not be flexible to consider alternate solutions. Our experienced professionals have a vast experience, both in being attentive to detail and in developing relationships in tough spots, while at the same time maximizing value in providing valuable services to creditors and shareholders. We have vast resources to care for stakeholders involved in an accelerated process in a well-managed and classified manner.

Speed is critical.

A quick turnaround is essential so that important information is granted to internal and external parties as soon as its available to allow appropriate parties to make a well informed decision. A fast-track process also decreases the potential that the business’s difficulties become known to the public, therefore minimizing value.

Our experienced advisors work hand in hand with our Recovery and Reorganization team, to assure that all parts of financial and operational restructuring are adhered to when coming to a potential outcome. We provide access to a large network of professional entities seeking to acquire other companies/entities through accelerated processes. The strength of this network allows us to identify serious bidders within hours, rather than days.

Shlomi Bartov
Partner, CEO of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.
Shlomi Bartov