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Diversity and inclusion

Experience shows that companies that performed a due diligence prior to the corporate acquisitions improved the profitability of the transaction.              At Fahn Kanne Consulting, we understand that the acquisition of a company without a prior due diligence is like buying the proverbial "cat in a sack".

A diverse and inclusive workplace culture is vital for building connections with clients and employees, driving resilience and building a competitive advantage.

Developing a complete picture of where your organisation is today is essential in understanding how to create a more inclusive culture for the future.

Our specialist diversity and inclusion advisory service helps you to understand your organisation’s current status, define your ambitions for the future and develop robust, practical strategies to get you there.

A driving force for success

We know that, when measured and implemented successfully, an inclusive culture drives a competitive advantage that can help you attract and retain top talent.

Based on our own experience, we have the ability to help organisations gain a better understanding of their inclusion journey. We can help you define your ambition for the future within the context of your sector and competitive environment. Based on this understanding, we then support the development and implementation of your inclusion strategy to ensure that your ambitions are achieved.

Our services

  • Our specialist benchmarking tools analyse the following information to deliver a clear indication of your current status:
  • Your diversity data – the current picture of your workforce
  • Progress towards an inclusive culture
  • The lived experience – how your people experience inclusion in the workplace day to day

Our services can support you in:

  • Diversity and inclusion benchmarking
  • Inclusion strategy development
  • Development of diversity performance indicators
  • Diversity data gathering and management
  • Development of characteristic
  • Employee value proposition development
  • Recruitment process re-engineering
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Michael Halin

Senior Manager, Advisory | CPA (Isr.)