The largest purchasing costs of government ministries and the supporting entities are carried out through tenders.

The expertise of our firm in writing tenders in a variety of areas, while viewing the full picture of all of the aspects involved in the specific area with which the tender deals, together with the many years of experience in economic consulting, ensure that the tender will be written from the economic point of view and at a high professional level, thereby reducing the chances of an appeal or an invalidation of the tender and allows the client to select the mist beneficial bid from its point of view.

In view of the extensive experience of our firm in the preparation of tenders and the ability to identify market failures and industry barriers, we assist public entities, including government ministries, government authorities, government companies, local councils, local entities and water entities, to improve the quality of the tenders they publicize, thereby allowing them to obtain maximum advantages together with a high level of service from the vendor that was chosen, at a reasonable price level.

Preparation of the tenders includes an assessment of the business feasibility, the chances of making a profit, branding the relevant market of the potential participants, with a goal of increasing the chances of success of the tender, all subject to the Tender Law and the regulations enacted thereunder, together with a professional and high quality presentation, also from the legal standpoint.

In addition, the firm has developed a unique basket of services that targets on the one hand the business entity that is interested in publicizing the tender and, on the other hand, the business entity that is bidding in a tender, with an emphasis on the economic standpoint.

Accompanying the process of submitting a bid to the tender

Economic consulting on the submission of the bid

  • Preparation of economic estimates
  • Analysis of the risk components of the project from the bidder's standpoint
  • Consulting on the pricing of the bid in view of the competition in the industry
  • Economic examinations in preparation of a winning bid

Compiling the structure of the bid

  • Consulting on the issue of complying with the threshold conditions
  • Consulting on achieving maximum quality points
  • Within the limits of the bidder
  • Possibility to join with bossiness / professional elements
  • Others in respect of upgrading the proposal
  • Possibility of joining with other professional / business entities

Submitting bids

  • Consulting on and examining the administrative and technical components of the bid

Consulting on advanced proceedings

  • Consulting on submitting clarification questions and changing tender clauses
  • Consulting on and preparation of team members for interviews (if needed by the tender)
  • Economic and administrative consulting for appeals against invalidation of bids

Preparation of the tender and checking bids

Consulting on preparation of the tender

  • Performance of initial market survey
  • Preparation of the principles of the tender, including among other things: setting the threshold conditions, internal point specifications for checking quality, the service specifications and technical requirements, the method for checking the bids, the price model (inputs, outputs, bill of materials) and preparation of an estimate of the tender on the basis of its conditions.
  • Writing a draft of the tender, including writing the request document, corrections after receipt of legal, professional and budgetary comments and approval of the tender committee.
  • Publicizing the tender.
  • Participation in a bidders conference and answering clarification questions.
  • Checking bids from the quality standpoint (including recommendations and interviews) and from the price standpoint.
  • Negotiations with bidders.
  • Accompanying the implementation of the tender.

* We are able to incorporate consultants with special expertise in unique tender areas, where necessary.

Our advantages

  • Professionalism – professional, reliable and accessible staff
  • Writing tenders with an economic view in order to achieve optimal cost – benefit
  • Reducing the chances of appeals and invalidation of the tender
  • Assistance throughout the tender stages, from the initial idea through accompaniment of implementation
  • Experience in 1,000 tenders in various fields, and with a variety of clients
  • High personal involvement of firm managers in the project
  • Availability – accessible staff, ready to work anyplace
  • Integration of economic, legal and professional staff
  • Work in accordance with tender standards and regulations
  • Ability to work on online tenders


Accompaniment of tenders Arnon Rund

CEO of subsidiary Halevi Dweck Ltd.

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