Past Event: Wednesday, November 16, 2022

אנו שמחים להזמינכם לכנס מסים ועסקים השנתי, עם מיטב המומחים של פאהן קנה GT ישראל, ש.הורוביץ ואורחים נוספים.

בואו לשמוע על השינויים שחלים בעולם המס והכלכלה, עדכוני פסיקה וחקיקה לקראת שנת 2023, עסקאות, סוגיות מיסוי בינלאומיות וסקירה תקופתית.

לצפייה בסדר היום בפורמט PDF לחץ/י כאן.

הכנס יתקיים ביום רביעי, 16.11 באולם האירועים "לאגו", רח' המאה ועשרים 6, ראשל"צ.

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picture of Mickey Blumental
Managing partner

Mickey Blumenthal is a managing partner at Fahn Kanne Grant Thornton Israel. Mickey has extensive experience in the fields of: Accounting and auditing of public and private companies, economic analyses, valuations, business plans, due diligence, expert opinions, liquidations and special management of companies in receivership and more.

יגאל רופא
Partner, Head of tax department

Yigal Rofhe is a partner at Fahn Kanne Grant Thornton Israel and head of Tax department. Yigal has years of experience in: Ongoing tax consultation and tax planning, pre-ruling, tax-related due diligence, etc. Do you need consultation regarding tax issues? Contact:

Shlomi Bartov
Partner, CEO of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.

Shlomi Bartov is the CEO of Fahn Kanne Consulting Grant Thornton Israel. Shlomi has multi-year and multi-disciplinary experience in various areas of accounting, financial and economic consulting, including: mergers & acquisitions, Due dilligence, valuations, Project finance, etc. For economic and financial opinions, contact:

שי מויאל
Partner, head of the international tax division, Tax department

Shay Moyal is a Director, head of the international tax division at our office - Fahn Kanne Grant Thornton Israel. Shay has extensive experience in consulting for Israeli companies on international taxation and organizational structures abroad and in writing expert opinions in the fields of income tax, international taxation and transfer pricing. Contact Shay in any international taxation issues: