Due Diligence to improve transaction profitability. Fahn Kanne Consulting understands that the acquisition of a company without performance of a due diligence is like buying the proverbial "pig in a poke"

Due Diligence improves the transaction process.

Fahn Kanne Consulting understands that buying a business without the proper due diligence steps is a recipe for poor planning.

The Israeli financing world has never been more diverse. Alongside capital from a bank, many difference alternatives for performing financing options have emerged over the years.

European, UK and US private equity houses are looking for assets with superb quality. Family offices, debt funds and mezzanine funds are looking for new ways to invest, while crowdfunding is changing how smaller companies raise capital. Corporate management teams, as the center of attention, often look to an independent party to review everything, particularly when engaging in private equity transactions.

How Grant Thornton can help

We help carefully the management of companies through the vast amount of finance solution services offered. We use this engaging approach early on and later on the availability of financing options available when a backer has been decided and a management assessment from an independent third party is needed.

We advise on both hard and soft factors, such as the private equity issuer's public image, their management style and the potential relationship if the buyer decides to purchase the target. Our advice is very clear. We offer important knowledge based on vast experience with private equity issuers, as evidenced with the high number of deals we have engaged in.

In addition to our advisory services, our clients also benefit from the other services we offer throughout their transaction process.  These involve services such as financial modelling, debt advisory and tax advice.

Shlomi Bartov
Partner, CEO of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.
Shlomi Bartov