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שי מדינה
Partner, Head of the Investigative Accounting Department, Fahn Kanne Control Management Ltd.

Shay Medina


Shay Medina, CPA (Isr.), has extensive experience in the field of forensic accounting (discovery and preventative) which includes identification, quantification and prevention of acts of fraud, embezzlement, financial irregularities and money laundering. In addition,  Mr. Medina consults for organizations in connection with control process geared to prevent fraud and embezzlement, including assistance in preparing multi-year plans for the prevention of fraud and embezzlement.

Mr. Medina also has experience on the academic side of forensic accounting and he has published a number of professional articles in the economic press.

Areas of expertise

Forensic accounting for purposes of identification of fraud, embezzlement, white-collar crimes and financial irregularities, as well as quantification and valuation of damages caused as a result of the perpetration of such activities.

Forensic, financial and internal auditing for government ministries, enforcement authorities, local authorities, public and private companies, not-for profit organizations, statutory entities, etc.

Accounting consultation and assistance to lawyers in legal proceedings, including preparation of expert opinions and testimony in the courts in connection with forensic auditing, divorce proceedings and civil disputes having forensic/accounting/economic aspects, such as damages resulting from activity in securities, fraud activity, spiriting away assets, etc.

Investigative accounting related to liquidations and receiverships.

Undercover evaluation of the reliability of financial statements.

Identification, quantification and prevention of money laundering, including conducting forensic audits on behalf of the Finance Ministry, the Israeli Police Department and the Office of the District Attorney, preparation of reports for use at sanction committees, preparing opinions and giving testimony in court proceedings.

Assistance to organizations in implementing ongoing plans for the prevention of fraud and embezzlements, such as:

Fraud and embezzlement risk assessments.

In-depth audits to assess fraud and embezzlement scenarios.

Installation of procedural and computerized control mechanisms for the prevention of fraud and embezzlement scenarios.

Special audits – a service designed for entities and entrepreneurs about to embark upon mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, as well as for companies interested in gathering information on customers, suppliers and competitors.

Identification and prevention of bribery and corruption.


2010: CFE – Certified Fraud Examiner

2006: Completed introductory course on SAP system

2005: LLM – Bar Ilan University

1999: BBA, major in accounting

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