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Since 2002, Amir Nagary, CPA has an independent accounting firm. in July 2020, Mr. Nagary's firm was merged into our Haifa office. Nagary CPA has a unique expertise in taxation and managing companies having financial difficulties (freezing proceedings, liquidations and receiverships).

Mr. Nagary  has vast expertise in acting as a chief financial officer in a number of contracting corporation (public and private companies), service and trade companies.

The engagements included the management of  a large number of staff, preparation of business plans, cash flows report and their submission to banking institutions.

Managing and budgeting credit lines with banks, preparation of quarterly and annual  financial statements, preparation of budgets and controls thereof, dealing with the tax authorities, dealing with worker's wages, etc.


CPA Nagary provides guidance to various entities that he represents and accompanies in many transactions (including real estate transactions) with special emphasis on tax ramifications, obtaining pre-rulings from the tax authorities, etc.

Serves as an expert consultant in the fields of taxation, freezing procedures, liquidations and receiverships in the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.


Licensed certified public accountant and member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel since 2001.

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