Valuing a business is not a simple task. Nevertheless, there are circumstances - commercial, business, or for reporting purposes - in which a valuation is an absolute necessity.

Understanding the value of your business or of the assets of your business is in itself an asset.  The valuation is a crucial tool which can assist in generating maximum value when selling or buying a business.

There are a number of circumstances which require that a valuation be performed, including:

  • Acquisition of a business
  • Sale or merger of a business or its assets
  • Disputs among shareholders
  • Reorganization of a business
  • Financial reporting purposes

International standards:

  • IAS 36
  • IAS 38
  • IAS 39
  • IFRS 2
  • IFRS 3R

U.S. Standards:

  • FAS 141/142
  • FAS 57

Further to the going into effect of IFRS, many companies have been relying more and more on valuations for purposes of estimating fair value for financial reporting purposes.

Legal support requirements:

  • Loss of and damage to reputation
  • Loss of income generating capabilities of the business
  • Valuation of operational segments
  • Receivership, liquidation, and Chapter 11 proceedings
  • Protection of minority interests

Areas of company valuations:

Business – measurement of the fair value of the Company in its entirety or
parts thereof.
Intangible assets – Valuation of shares, debentures, options, customer lists,
and exclusive agreements
Intellectual property – Patents, copyrights, trademarks, franchises, trade
Purchase Price Allocations – PPA
Personal assets – Valuation of personal assets
Real estate assets – Commercial and industrial real estate companies

Fahn Kanne Consulting performs valuations for private organizations and institutions which operate in a wide variety of areas.

At Fahn Kanne Consulting, we believe that a valuation is not solely the result of a technical process. A professional and quality valuation is the result of many years of experience, accumulated know-how and analytical and professional capabilities, together with the implementation of the appropriate valuation methodology to fit the circumstances of the case on hand.

Our staff has the ability and the experience to advise organization on a global level, using our ongoing contacts and close working relationships with sister firms in the Grant Thornton global organisation. In addition, in order to provide high-quality, comprehensive and professional service, we conduct our work in close cooperation with the tax and technical departments of Fahn Kanne & Co., CPAs (Isr.) which provide their support when required.

Valuations Shlomi Bartov

Partner, CEO of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.

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