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Michal Israeli

Michal Israeli


Michal Israeli, the CFO of our firm is both a CPA (Isr.) and an attorney and she has more than thirty years of experience in all aspects of financial management.

Ms. Israeli joined the firm as an articled clerk back in 1993 and as such, she engaged in the auditing of public and private companies, in a wide range of areas such as hitech, leasing, finance, international shipping, industry, academia, not-for-profits, etc. Her work included, inter alia, compilation of financial statements, as well as checking internal control mechanisms and organizational processes of businesses, controls pertaining to the propriety of financial management processes, income and expense budgets, efficiency examinations, reliability examinations, checking payroll systems, budgets and cash flows, compiling and checking computerized systems and compliance with laws.

Michal was a teaching assistant at Tel Aviv University’s 4th year accounting program, preparing students for the exam’s of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, as part of the course entitled “Advanced Auditing”. She also has experience in the financial management of a large company engaged in international shipping.

Since 1999, Ms. Israeli has been the CFO of our parent Company, Fahn Kanne & Co., CPAs (Isr.), as well as of all the subsidiaries of the firm. She manages the staff of the firm’s finance department, in all financial areas and works closely with all of the partners of the firm and all of its department, as well as with many entities outside of the firm. Michal has been accompanying the firm for thirty years and is involved with the processes in respect of mergers and efficiency that have contributed significantly to the firm’s growth.

Areas of expertise

•  Financial management and day to day work with the banking system

• Budgetary management and analytics, with a goal of streamlining processes, computerization and implementation of new software

• Preparation and compilation of financial statements of the Partnership and its subsidiary companies

• Accompaniment in respect of the process of expanding the firm through mergers

•  Reporting to the GT International Network abroad

•  Handling insurance policies, rental agreements, car leasing agreements, etc.

•  Online reporting to the Income Tax and VAT authorities of the individual firms and the consolidated firm

•  Compilation of computerized systems for the streamlining, control and growth of the firm in accordance with market changes

•  Calculation and reporting of the profitability of the various profit centers

•  Distribution of profits and dividends and aspects of internal firm accountings

• Responsible for the payroll framework involving hundreds of employees, including social benefits and working with the various provident and pension funds, including legislative and tax updates in these areas

•  Handling of and calculation of various government grants, as well as obtaining such grants

• Management of the staff of the finance department and the bookkeeping department, while troubleshooting various problems arising in the areas of payroll, clients, recording of receipts, vendors, expenses, banks, bank reconciliations, etc., emphasizing analytical and creative thinking, diligence, honesty, management capabilities, devotion, human relations and investment

• Planning and leading organizational change in the firm based on need, while working together with the partners and owners of the firm.


2001 – 2002:  Master of Law degree for CPAs, Bar Ilan University, Cum Laude

1991 – 1993:  BA in Accounting and Economics, Tel Aviv University

1996:  Certified Public Accounting license

2002: Concluded year-long course in “Commercial Law and Receiverships, Liquidations and Rehabilitation of Companies” – Bar Ilan University

2003:  Certified Arbitrator certification after completion of a year-long course at Bar Ilan University

2018:  Graduate of course entitled “Cooperative Divorce” – Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.

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