Innovation & Incentives Department - Leveraging Your Success

The Innovation & Incentives department offers a full range of consulting services. From fund raising and management of local and international R&D funds, submission to international tenders and more. The department gained vast accumulative experience working with numerous technological sectors such as: Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), energy, aviation, education, transportation, safety and security and more. The department includes a team of experienced innovation consultants, project managers and economists.

Our services

  • Analyzing the client's core capabilities, needs and strategic roadmap
  • Devising potential project's grants portfolio
  • Defining the project's objectives (project's "vision")
  • Conducting feasibility study to assess success chances
  • Recruiting strategic partners
  • Setting up the main work plan activities
  • Preparing a detailed budget and the administrative data
  • Managing and executing the proposal preparation procedure (including support of personnel from finance, technology and competitive strategy fields)
  • Preparing the project for the professional evaluation
  • Guiding the project: partnership management, innovation supporting activities, preparation of periodic reports, approval of quarterly reports and more

Why us?

  • A Team with vast experience in R&D grants raising, management of technological projects and international tenders application preparation
  • Deep understanding of the various incentive programs available and matching them to the client's needs using strategic portfolio planning of the relevant grants
  • Advanced work methodologies to maximize success and grant percentage (e.g. Grant Thornton Israel's diamond model for success chances)
  • Proven track record - over $30M in obtained grants since 2011