International Taxation - your compass for global activity.

Now, more than ever, the world is a global village, with companies operating concurrently in a number of different countries. Looking for international business opportunities means having to contend with a wide range of international tax issues.

The international tax experts in our tax department will assist you in managing your company's tax policy, both from the Domestic standpoint, as well as regarding your foreign operations, taking into account the entirety of the group's global activity.

Cooperation with tax experts around the globe ensures that you will receive professional and accurate consultancy and proper treatment when dealing with the tax authorities in the different domesticities in which you operate.

Professional services

  • Planning tax structures – planning the holding and investment structure in Israel and abroad, mergers, spin-offs, transfers of assets between companies, utilization of tax losses, filing methods, including consolidated filing, benefits, incentive laws, etc.
  • Accompaniment of investment transactions and activities – accompaniment of agreements, contracts, and special projects, from the planning stages through consummation of the transaction, including participation in the negotiating team in advance of the agreement, and planning the optimal tax structure for carrying out the transaction, on the Domestic and global markets.
  • Contending with issues related to foreign VAT
  • Implementation of various approaches to the treatment of transfer pricing
  • Evaluation of tax considerations on the transfer of operations from one location to another (in Israel or abroad)
  • Taking advantage of benefits, incentives, tax credits pursuant to foreign laws and tax treaties, granted by the various countries
  • Assistance to expatriate and impatriate senior executives on tax issues
  • Consulting on relocation issues, including foreigners wishing to immigrate to Israel
International taxation Shay Moyal

Director, head of the international tax division, Tax department

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