US Tax Compliance & Advisory

Members of Fahn Kanne’s US Tax division are dedicated professionals who have been involved in compliance and advisory needs with numerous complex transactions at the local, national and international levels. Our client base includes large corporations, international businesses, foreign nationals, high-net-worth individuals, family business owners, and local business operators, among others. We provide advice and guidance in a highly personalized manner with partner involvement at every level of service.

US Tax Services

Our US Tax division provides a wide array of tax reporting services for corporate and non-corporate clients. This group of professionals understands the ever-changing tax laws and regulations and can assist clients in maintaining tax reporting obligations.

We specialize in the areas of corporate taxation and partnership taxation.  In addition, we provide relevant and objective tax advisory and consulting related to designing tax-efficient structures, tax planning, and transaction advisory. Our high degree of specialization ensures that both the advice and services clients receive are specific to their needs.

Variety of Services

Our firm offers a broad range of services, while ensuring that our clients are provided with personal service from the beginning of the process to its conclusion.

Tax Department

The US Tax division is part of Fahn Kanne's tax department which is one of the leading professional departments in the country, providing comprehensive consulting in all areas of taxation.

The tax department works in close cooperation with its affiliate departments in other Grant Thornton member firms. The organization has 500 partners and tax department managers and more than 4,500 professional employees who specialize in taxation.

These working relations facilitate international tax planning schemes, carrying out transactions abroad and keeping abreast of changes in legislation and tax laws in many countries.

The following is a summary of the services offered:

Among the compliance services available:

  • Preparation of individual (Form 1040) and state and local tax returns.
  • Preparation of Form 1120 (regular corporation), Form 1120F (foreign corporation), Form 1120S (S corporation), Form 065 (partnership and LLCs).
  • Preparation of consolidated corporate tax returns
  • Preparation of various forms for trusts, estates and gifts.
  • Preparation of various forms for tax-exempt entities and private foundations.
  • Preparation of US FATCA forms

Our advisory services include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitor and recommend practical solutions for tax planning purposes, including multi-year tax planning.
  • Strategic tax planning for all forms of business entities.
  • Advisory services with respect to tax structuring, restructuring, buying or selling a business.
  • Tax planning with respect to state and local issues such as nexus, combined vs. separate reporting, sourcing of income, allocation and apportionment.
  • Wealth tracking.
  • Cash flow and debt management
US Tax Compliance & Advisory Ariel Katz

Head of US Tax Compliance & Advisory

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