Individual taxation – income tax deductions, bookkeeping management and non-profit organizations

Areas of expertise

Individual taxation services and records management

We provide a range of individual taxation services for individuals and record management for companies and individuals, and dealing with tax issues such as:

Providing advice in respect  of Israeli tax issues, direct and indirect, to a wide range of companies, non-profits organizations and individuals.

Accompaniment in preparing personal income tax returns and equity declarations.

Conducting audits  in companies and non-profit organizations and individuals in respect of bookkeeping management and writing reviews on the subject.

Support companies and individuals in bookkeeping audit conducted by the Tax Authority.

Accompanying of income tax assessments by the Income Tax Authority, deductions and Social Security.

Handling pre-ruling  applications bookkeeping management issues, exemption from tax deduction from source for scholarship distribution and more.

Accompaniment and handling of non-profits organizations for receipt and certification as a "public institution" recognized  for donations in accordance with section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.

Bookkeeping management audits

The fulfillment of bookkeeping instructions is of great importance and failure to comply can lead to various actions by the Tax Authorities. We conduct proactive reviews for corporations and individuals seeking to review compliance with bookkeeping  management instructions.

Preliminary tax approvals on various subjects

We specialize in obtaining preliminary approvals from the Tax Authorities regarding the ease of bookkeeping management  of corporations and individuals whose existing directives do not conform to the activity.

Preparing for audit of income tax and Social Security deductions

We advise how to prepare for audits carried out by the Income Tax Authority and Social Security, including accompaniment with the authorities and guidance on correcting deficiencies that arise during the audits.

Accompaniment and handling of receipt of certification according with section no. 46 of the Tax Ordinance for Non-profit Organizations

Many non-profits organizations are in need of donations to sustain their public activity. Donors prefer to donate to a non-profit organization that have a public donation certification under Section 46 of the Tax Ordinance. We specialize in dealing  with the Tax Authority in the process of recognition as a non-profit organization  and obtaining certification in accordance with section no. 46 of the Tax Ordinance for Non-profit Organizations.

Individual taxation Einat Maliar

Director of Individual Taxation

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