Encouraging Capital Investment - Your Way to Growth

Experts in the Capital Investment Encouragement Law Department of our firm help our clients to realize their rights and enjoy state grants, reduced corporate tax rates, and a reduced tax rate in distributing dividends to shareholders in those companies.

Eligibility to enjoy the tax benefits has shifted in recent years and with the shift from focusing on manufacturing activities intended for export, to generating generous tax benefits on income derived from intangible assets owned by the companies.

Companies are also required to reconsider their eligibility for tax benefits and their general conduct in light of the adoption of BEPS rules under Israeli law.

In addition, the firm's staff has extensive experience in handling grant applications and preferred routes, which guarantees professional, accurate and personal guidance until the grant is received.


Professional Services

Handling, escorting and submitting grant applications from the Ministry of Economy - Examination of eligibility, submission of forms to the authorities.

Personal support and regular follow-up until the grant is approved.

Examination of eligibility for tax benefits under the Preferred Factory / Preferred Technology Plant / Special Technology Plant route.

Assistance in examining the tax aspects of the transition from a certified factory route / beneficiary to a preferred factory route / a superior technology plant.

Assistance in assessing tax benefits for the purchase / sale of intellectual property assets in order to benefit from the tax benefits under the Capital Investment Encouragement Law.

Appeal to Rowling's request (tax decisions) from the Tax Authority and prepare an opinion.

Assistance with due diligence in transactions (due diligence) to examine compliance of the acquired company with the requirements for encouraging capital investment.

Assistance in examining the tax benefits for rental buildings, including assistance to obtain the approval of the Investment and Development Authority for Economy and Industry - grants.

Assistance in obtaining special permits from the Innovation Authority, including approval for research and development expenses in accordance with the provisions of section 20A of the Ordinance, assistance in obtaining permits for investments under the Angel Law and more. 

Encouraging Capital Investment Yakov Bershtein

Senior Manager

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