Tax issues require correct planning.

Tax issues require correct planning.  In our global village, there are many tax issues that should be addressed and planned in advance.

Our firm has an elaborate tax department which has experience in handling a variety of tax issues.

Tax Department

Fahn Kanne's tax department is one of the leading professional departments in Israel, providing comprehensive consulting services in all areas of taxation, including:

The department has extensive experience in handling complex tax issues and in accompanying investment transactions and activities in Israel and abroad.  The staff of the department consists of certified public accountants, attorneys, legal experts, and experienced tax experts.

The service provided by the department, based on personal contact with the client, is provided on a regular basis to clients of our firm as well as to promoters and companies which are not part of the regular clientele of the firm but who specifically request to be handled by our firm.

The tax department is in constant contact with the tax authorities and represents its clients on regular matters of taxation, deliberation, appeals, and obtaining special certificates from the tax authorities.

The tax department works in close cooperation with its sister departments in other Grant Thornton firms.  The network has 500 partners and tax department managers and more than 4,500 professional employees who specialize in taxation.  These working relations facilitate international tax planning schemes, carrying out transactions abroad and keeping abreast of changes in legislation and tax laws in many countries.

 and on close supervision by a partner and senior staff.