Control services assist managements to identify and neutralize risks and to implement new control tools.

Regardless of whether the client is a global organization or an institutional entity, the control services rendered by our firm have assisted many companies.

Efficient control abroad

The structure of companies operating abroad has become more and more complex due to the nature of global operations. As a result, controlling such operations has become more and more difficult. Due to this complexity, the need for executives to strengthen the organization's control mechanisms has become all the more important.

Our firm has developed efficient control tools that help executives to improve the control of the operations of their organizations abroad.

  • Closing loopholes in the computer system and assessing the connectivity to the systems in Israel
  • Checking to see if there are any tenders with vendors who are suspected of price fixing
  • Checking to see if the discounts, credits or erasure of debts granted to customers are in line with authorized policy and with signatory rights
  • Checking to see that there are no breaches through which money can exit the company
  • Checking to see that all of the important information needed for making decisions reaches the client's headquarters in Israel

Professional staff

Our work method guarantees personal service and the involvement of senior staff in every job that we perform. Our staff is comprised of experts in their respective fields who hold professional international degrees. We utilize the services of local employees from the member firms of Grant Thornton International, the international network of which we are the Israeli member firm, so as to perform the work in the client's native language. The team leader is an Israeli, who speaks "your language".

Special control services Yossi Ginossar

Partner, CEO, Fahn Kanne Control Management Ltd.

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