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We are all witness to the changes that have occurred in recent years regarding how the authorities and the public at large address the issues of work-related accidents and occupational sicknesses. Such changes significantly increase the liability of executives as a result of: new legislation on these issues, the transfer of work-related accident investigations to the purview of the Lahav 433 police unit, and the stricter attitude of the judiciary when it comes to the criminal and civil aspects of litigation on this matter.

Fahn Kanne Control Management, with its many years of experience in the area of risk management, will ensure that your organization is in compliance with the provisions of the law, thereby providing you and the organization with the best protection possible.

Services rendered by our Occupational Safety and Hygiene Department

  • A safety and hygiene risk assessment and an examination as to compliance with legal requirements –An in-depth assessment of the compliance of the organization and its executives with the legal requirements in the area of work safety and hygiene. The assessment provides the executives of the organization with a reliable picture of the status of the organization. The existence of an organizational compliance officer does not reduce the liability of management for safety and hygiene in the organization. Our work does. We will review some one hundred laws and regulations and ensure that the resources of the organization expended on safety are invested in the right places.


  • Checking the consecutiveness of the ongoing safety routine of the organization – The area of safety and hygiene requires constant vigilance on the part of the safety framework. Notwithstanding, daily routine and workload make it difficult to achieve the desired level of vigilance. We offer you a service of short examinations to be carried out in your organization, in coordination with you, but without the knowledge of your safety framework. These examinations will facilitate a process of ongoing learning and improvement at your organization.


  • Let us test the efficiency of your emergency framework – As part of the safety and environmental protection framework in your organization, you are required to maintain an emergency response team and perform trial runs of their work at least once a year. Such trials are supposed to include the occurrence of a practice event and test the response team’s ability to minimize the potential damage. Our staff, with its rich experience in performing such exercises in emergency settings, fires, hazardous materials, and mental fortitude, will compile together with the organization an exercise that reflects reality, will run the exercise and monitor its performance. Together with your employees, we will learn the lessons necessary to improve the quality of the response framework.


  • Expert opinions in the area of safety and hygiene – When a safety event occurs, with or without injuries or if an accident almost occurred, the event must be investigated in a professional manner so as to prevent the next accident or so as to prepare for litigation should the need arise. Our experts will place at your disposal their rich and extensive experience of many years in investigations of difficult and complex safety events, so as to facilitate an analysis of the event and the reaching of conclusions that will allow the organization to benefit from its unfortunate experience.

The added value that we provide to your organization

  • Reducing the chances that the entity and its executives will face litigation in the area of safety and hygiene
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your investment in the field of safety
  • Reducing the chances of the occurrence of a safety event
  • Reducing the chances that the insurance company will reject the organization’s claim as a result of the behavior of the organization
  • Bridging the existing gaps between the liability of the executives and the degree of their understanding of safety-related matters.
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