Arbitration has become the principal dispute resolution method for the determination of complex commercial disputes.

Our experienced team of arbitration practitioners regularly assist parties and their legal advisors. They have given evidence in court or before arbitral tribunals on over 250 occasions.

Our team is part of a global forensic community of over 400 specialists, including over 70 testifying expert witnesses, spanning 29 countries across Europe, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Our team has extensive experience of quantifying losses arising from:

  • breaches of contract; including supply agreements, distribution agreements, power purchase agreements and others
  • wrongful termination of joint ventures
  • delay, disruption or defects in construction projects
  • asset expropriation
  • lost investment opportunities.

We can support you at each stage of your dispute, bringing together a wide-range of expertise across different jurisdictions and sectors:

  • evidence gathering and handling:
    • data capture from hardware
    • investigations
    • eDiscovery and data hosting
  • expertise on quantum:
    • early stage advice
    • consulting expert
    • expert witness reports and oral testimony
    • complex valuations
  • enforcement and recovery:
  • asset research

asset tracing and recovery.

Arbitration Shay Evron

Senior Director, Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.

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