All business entities at some time or another during the course of their operations are in need of credit, and in most instances in which the entity is interested in significantly increasing its business growth, fundraising becomes crucial to the business.

Our firm has a corporate finance department which will tailor the fundraising process to your needs, so as to ensure that the credit is based on your needs and not on the desires of the funding entities.

The service

Accompanying the process of procuring credit from banks or institutional entities on behalf of companies, entrepreneurs, business organizations and public sector entities.

Identification and definition of the credit and capital needs of companies and entrepreneurs who expect to use funds for, among other things, the following:

  • Expanding business activity
  • Acquiring new companies
  • Financing purchases of land and/or financing real estate projects
  • Financing purchase of revenue-generating assets
  • Refinancing revenue-generating assets
  • Financing the purchasing of equipment
  • Financing the expansion of credit for working capital
  • Financing trade accounts receivable and accounts payable.

In addition, we will accompany you on transactions in which you need to raise additional capital for real estate projects / Tama transactions, infrastructure projects, etc.

Work methodology

Phase I

We will assist you in assessing your credit needs, including the following points in the preliminary stage, prior to contacting the financing entities:

  • The total amount of credit required
  • The collateral that you are able to furnish
  • The term of the loan
  • The type of linkage (NIS interest, fixed, linked to the ICPI or interest at the Prime rate)

Phase II

Assistance and accompaniment in preparing the material that will be attached to the actual credit request, such as: business plans, pro forma financial statements, in connection with real estate projects - working with appraisers that will prepare for you valuations and "zero" reports.

On the basis of the abovementioned reports, we will prepare the credit request for you, on the basis of which we will turn to the various financing entities in order to procure the credit.

Phase III

Selecting the appropriate financing entities and providing close support at meetings.

Phase IV

Conducting negotiations in connection with the credit terms.

Phase V

After selection of the financing entity and agreement regarding the credit terms, we will, together with your attorneys, provide ongoing consultancy for the credit agreement until the actual signing of the agreement.

Recruitment of supplemental capital

In cases in which supplemental capital is required in addition to bank credit, the process will include, among other things, locating the appropriate sources for investment in the various projects. We will assist you in identifying the sources of funding, by referring you to:

  • Private investors
  • Family offices
  • Public and private funds
  • Institutional entities
  • Etc.

Our Department

The Department is led by Ran Jacobs, who for the past three years has been using his accounting education to lead rounds of fundraising for companies, entrepreneurs and public sector entities. The funding included, among other things, providing medium and high levels of credit for dozens of transactions and projects, including:

  • Construction of residential projects
  • Construction of patient-care nursing facilities
  • Credit procurement for water companies
  • Refinancing of revenue-generating assets
  • Etc.

As part of his work and based on his broad know-how, Ran provides clients close personal support in connection with the procurement of credit / recruitment of loans, including preparation of a detailed credit request, preparation of business plans, financial statement analysis, etc.

Ran Jacobs amassed extensive experience in the field of recruitment of capital and procurement of credit during his tenure in the past decade, first as the CFO and then as the CEO of the Nanette Real Estate Group, a Dutch company, publicly traded on the AIM, with debentures traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Nanette was involved in residential real estate projects, mainly in Poland and four other Eastern European countries.