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Additional services Izhar Kanne

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Dynamic organizations have to focus and invest resources in order to move the organization forward. The additional services that we offer can assist you in strengthening the growth potential of the organization.

Strengthening growth potential

We understand how important growth is to your organization and we offer you, in addition to the departments that render auditing, taxation and business and economic consultancy services, additional dedicated departments and/or teams of workers with the relevant experience.

Proposed services

Liquidations, receiverships and special management

Sometimes, companies fail or teeter. Our firm has many years of experience in accompanying companies involved in liquidation or receivership proceedings or companies with a need for special management.

Trusts, management and supervision

Accompaniment and supervision over money transfers and allocations, trusts and management of employee stock option plans require accompaniment, management and supervision of monetary transfers.

Innovation & Incentives Department

Accompaniment and consultancy on enlistment and management of local and international R&D incentives, submission of bids to international tenders, etc.


In order to enable a business to focus on its core capabilities, while improving performance and reducing costs of the rest of its activities, businesses will elect to outsource part of their financial accounting and bookkeeping activity. Our firm has a department that is dedicated to these services and offers a range of services, including bookkeeping, generation of monthly reports and payroll preparation.

Accompaniment and writing of tenders

A major area of expertise of Halevi, Dueck & Co., a subsidiary of our firm, is accompaniment and writing of tenders. The extensive experience includes accompaniment of hundreds of tenders, extensive assistance on tailoring efficient work methods, analysis and understanding of the needs of the client and production of output to the satisfaction of the clients.

Accompaniment and submission of bids to tenders
In view of the extensive experience of Halevi Duek & Co. in accompanying clients on tenders, both from the aspect of writing the tender and checking bids received, as well as the writing of winning bids in tenders in the public and private sectors, the firm has developed a unique basket of services that targets on the one hand the business entity that is interested in publicizing the tender and, on the other hand, the business entity that is bidding in a tender, with an emphasis on the economic standpoint.

Consulting and accompaniment in the field of energy, natural gas and electricity

Halevi Dueck & Co. specialize in consulting and accompaniment of complex projects in the fields of infrastructures and energy, with special expertise in the natural gas industry.

Why Fahn Kanne – Grant Thornton Israel?

The service rendered to the firm's clients is based on an in-depth acquaintance of the organization and its business environment, and the close accompaniment of partners and senior staff. Our work approach is based on a high involvement and personal treatment by the directly responsible partner over the entire duration of the engagement and the accompaniment of backup partner regarding significant issues, with a special emphasis placed on providing a quick response and a commitment to the timetables and goals that were agreed to in advance.