Arnon Rund CEO of subsidiary Halevi Dweck Ltd. Jerusalem +972-3-7106510


Mr. Rund has extensive experience in rendering comprehensive consulting services in the field of tenders, including the compilation of estimates for the tenders in many areas, compilation of price quotes and their economic analyses, preparation and examination of business plans, development of economic models for various tenders on behalf of dozens of publicly-traded clients, municipalities and private companies. Arnon serves as, among other things, an economic consultant for the Natural Gas Authority, the chief tender consultant for the Ministry of Health, etc.

Areas of expertise

  • Energy and natural gas infrastructure, consultation in the area of converting plants from diesel to LPG and natural gas, consulting on energy efficiency projects, preparation of infrastructure tenders – the Timna Airport, public buildings, etc.
  • Tender consulting – drafting, accompaniment and examination of tenders and procurement processes for government ministries – accompaniment of 1,500 government tenders over a period of more than twenty years, to dozens of government agencies and supporting units, accompaniment of dozens of tenders to the municipal sector, dozens of local authorities and to municipal economic companies and water agencies, in a large variety of areas.
  • Economic accompaniment of PPP/PFI tenders, economic consulting on PPP tenders valued at hundreds of millions of shekels each, tenders for the transportation of natural gas on behalf of the Natural Gas Authority, an energy efficiency tender for ESCO (Energy Savings Company) at 19 hospitals and a tender for A-3 speed cameras for the Ministry of Homeland Security.
  • Drafting business and marketing plans in a variety of areas: energy, hi-tech, health, industry, real estate, tourism, communications, etc.
  • Valuations for business companies, the Companies Authority, and for privatization purposes.
  • Construction – participation in program planning teams for the Israel Lands Administration and the Ministry of Housing.
  • Communications – preparation of dedicated television channel tenders, economic and business consulting for the Second Authority, for the Israel Broadcasting Authority, and for the Cable Broadcasting Authority. Submission of business plans for bidders to the regional radio tenders.
  • Preparation of economic surveys for exporters on behalf of the Export Institute.
  • Fundraising from R&D funds of the EU (FP7) – for Israeli hi-tech companies such as Optibase, the RAD Group, IAI, IMI, El-Op, Verint, Alvarion, Motorola Israel, Compugen, Teva, etc.
  • Business development and identification of strategic partners for hi-tech and startup companies.
  • Marketing of government grants and funds – Office of the Chief Scientist, Approved Enterprise, Eureka, the BIRD Fund, the Marketing Fund of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, etc.
  • Project management – management of international projects for hi-tech companies as part of the financing programs of the EU.


1998-2000: MBA, Hebrew University, majoring in finance and marketing

1995 -1997: BA in economics and business administration, Hebrew University

1990: Graduate of the Neve Shmuel Yeshiva High School, Efrat, physics and math